Until Dawn Developer Announces Dead By Daylight Spin-Off

As announced at The Game Awards, Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive is teaming up with Supermassive Games (The Quarry, Until Dawn, Dark Pictures) to develop a new single-player spin-off called The Casting of Frank Stone, launching next year on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.



It takes place outside of the Entity’s realm in a town called Cedar Hills which, in typical Supermassive fashion, has a blood-soaked history. A new cast of young friends will uncover its murderous past, venturing to the Orgeon steel mill where serial killer Frank Stone’s old crimes are beginning to manifest.

We’re always looking at ways to offer different experiences to the Dead by Daylight community. Our players have been interested in a single-player narrative experience for quite some time, and we’re excited to expand the Dead by Daylight universe and explore new territory with Supermassive Games, a studio that is at the forefront of modern video game storytelling” – Behaviour Interactive head of partnerships Mathieu Côté.

Earlier this year, studio director Will Byles said that Supermassive’s next game, presumed now to be this Dead by Daylight spin-off, would be “equivalent in size to The Quarry” (as reported by VGC). If you haven’t played, The Quarry takes around nine hours to beat, so we’re likely looking at something similar here.

Like other Supermassive games, The Casting of Frank Stone is a narrative-heavy adventure driven by player choice. You’ll be prompted with key decisions throughout the story that affect the fate of each character. So, if you want your favourite to stay alive, maybe don’t send them into that dark cellar all alone, yeah?

“Crafting unique, immersive stories is what we’re passionate about at Supermassive Games. We’re massive horror fans and are incredibly excited for the opportunity to tell a completely original story set in the terrifying universe of Dead by Daylight. Expect emotional, tense moments and twists and turns as you get to know a new cast of characters outside of The Entity’s Realm” – creative director Steve Goss.

This isn’t the first time that Behaviour Interactive has branched out beyond Dead by Daylight itself to expand the game’s world. Last August, it released a dating simulator called Hooked On You, a breezy two-hour spin-off where you get a little more familiar with the game’s original villains. Only, instead of them slicing and dicing you as you try to escape, you have the chance to romance them, seeing a more vulnerable side than usual.

Something tells me you won’t be able to smooch Frank Stone, but if you’re itching for more of Dead by Daylight’s world, look no further than 2024.

The Casting of Frank Stone is available to wishlist right now.


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