Should You Go To The Ocean Caves In Coral Island?

Let’s face it, the oceans of Coral Island are a daunting place. Trying to maneuver through each section of the ocean can take a lot of time, effort, and resources, especially when you’re coming back to cleared areas to farm trash, scavengeables, or critters.




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Luckily, progressing far enough into the ocean will unlock Ocean Caves, and with them, underwater way-shrines to help you find your way through the vast Coral Island ocean. Caves are a great place to farm underwater resources when you’ve run out of trash-filled ocean to scavenge.

What Are Ocean Caves?

Coral Island: An image of the player character swimming in front of Dua-Pulu ocean cave

Ocean Caves are milestone locations spread out over the various depth zones in Coral Island’s ocean. You can unlock Ocean Caves by clearing all scattered trash and finding all of the Solar Orbs in an underwater zone.

Once the entire zone is cleared, the zone’s way-shrine will become usable, allowing you to teleport to that zone from any other shrine, above-ground or underwater. However, you will only be able to enter the Ocean Caves after you have unlocked the Merfolk Kingdom and spoken with the oracle Cho Oyu.

Once Cho Oyu has granted you permission, you can enter all of the unlocked Ocean Caves.

Ocean Cave Function

Coral Island: An image of the inside of the ocean caves

Ocean Caves function similarly to the above-ground mine on Coral Island. Much like the mine, Ocean Caves are a leveled system of rooms dedicated to gathering resources. Unlike the mine, there are no enemies for you to battle as you move from level to level, and the levels are not categorized by number.

Also unlike the mine, Ocean Cave levels do not have ropes or stairways to progress from level to level. Instead, you will unlock passageways in each cavern as you clear the trash in the area. There are no Solar Orbs here, either. Instead of unlocking orbs or rope ladders, cave passageways will open up gradually as you explore each room.

Each cavern room also comes fully equipped with a built-in shrine. You can use the shrine in each room to teleport not only between underwater shrines, but between any shrine on the overworld as well. This means that you can explore the underwater caves as much as you want while still being able to teleport back to your farm, blacksmith, or any other location as necessary, making it that much easier to complete collections and stay on top of your stamina limit. You won’t ever have to worry about falling asleep underwater again.

Unlike the above-ground mines, Ocean Caves won’t lock you out of previous rooms or levels. You can head through any unlocked passageway in Ocean Caverns and return to rooms that you have already cleared at any time. No more traveling between every fifth level.

Cave Loot

Coral Island: An image of the player inventory highlighting possible loot items

Rather than collecting stones and geodes, the Ocean Caves will allow you to collect trash, fossil nodes, and coffers. Clearing trash in the Ocean Caves will open up other rooms for you to explore and will give you all the same resources that you can get from clearing trash on the ocean floor outside.

Returning to any Ocean Cave after you have cleared the Coral Island seafloor is a great way to stock up on trash, coffers, fossil nodes, scraps, and glass without having to swim through the entire ocean map.

You will not find ocean scavengeables or ocean critters inside the caves. These items will only spawn on the actual ocean floor, so you will have to swim through the map to find them.

Cave Locations

Coral Island: An image of both the Coral Island shrine map and underwater shrine map

There are four Ocean Caves in Coral Island. Each cave signals the transition from one ocean zone to another, and is tied in with the depth level achievable in that zone.

Depth level is important to consider when you are filling in your journal collections. Certain ocean scavengeables and critters are only found in certain depth zones. Traveling to Ocean Cave shrines is a great way to maneuver the ocean map more efficiently while you work to finish your underwater collections.

Cave Name

Depth Zone

Se Pulu

10 meters

Dua Pulu

20 meters

Empat Pulu

40 meters

Lima Pulu

50 meters

Similarly, coffers are also categorized by depth level. Certain coffers will only be found in certain depth zones. This knowledge will come in handy when you work on filling up the Coral Island Museum.

Coffer Type



Above ground

Ornate Coffer

10-20 meter zone

Shimmering Coffer

20 meters and deeper

Marble Coffer

40-50 meter zone

Pirate Coffer

50-meter zone

Mysterious Coffer

Any zone

While there is a way-shrine in the Merfolk Kingdom, there is no Ocean cave. You will be able to travel to the Merfolk Kingdom as a jump point for traversing the ocean, but there is no cave entrance for you to explore in this location.


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