How To Craft The Energizing Longbow In Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora is an open-world RPG game that includes typical elements of the genre, such as a vast world to explore and the ability to customize your character with equipment ranging from armor to weapons, all aimed at confronting the RDA and saving Pandora. Strengthening your Na’vi involves not only acquiring weapons and armor but also developing skills.




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Here are some helpful tips you need to know before diving into Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora.

Skills in this game are organized into multiple trees, each with an associated Apex Challenge that becomes available after acquiring all skills within that tree. Upon reaching this milestone, you must complete the challenge to unlock the corresponding skill.

How To Unlock The Apex Challenge: The Bow Master

Memories of the Maker skill tree Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

To unlock the Apex Challenge: The Bow Master, you must acquire all skills from the Memories of the Maker skill tree. Upon completion of this skill tree, you will gain access to the Apex Challenge quest where you will need to craft the Energizing Longbow.

The designs to craft this longbow will be given to you automatically, but that’s the easy part.

The challenging aspect is acquiring three exquisite materials for it, and this might take some time as you’ll need to go hunting for them.

How To Complete The Apex Challenge: The Bow Master

The Apex Challenge The Bow Master quest in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

To craft the Energizing Longbow, you will need the exquisite quality of these materials:

  • Dawnsheen Branch
  • Shaded Waterweed Bast
  • Hammerhead Horn

Where To Find The Dawnsheen Branch

Player standing next to Dawnsheen Branch plant Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

The Dawnsheen Branch can be discovered in the Boulderlands biome of the Clouded Forest, which is the final region you unlock as you progress through the main story.

To obtain the exquisite version, head south to the Resistance Hideout and soar with your Ikran to the mountaintops. There, you’ll come across numerous Dawnsheen Branches, but you’ll need to use your Na’vi Senses to inspect the plants and identify the exquisite one.

Check the map picture for a general idea of its location.

A map picture showing the area where the player can find the exquisite version of Dawnsheen Branch Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Keep in mind that the Dawnsheen Branch can be anywhere within the biome. So you might need to explore and look around for a bit to find the exquisite version.

Once you find it, carefully pick the plant, marking the completion of one item out of three.

Where To Find The Shaded Waterweed Bast

Player is about to buy the exquisite version of The Shaded Waterweed Bast from a Na'vi merchant Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

The quickest way to acquire the exquisite version of the Shaded Waterweed Bast is by purchasing it using Clan Favor.

Visit the Circle Zeswa Clan Home, and on your right, within a tent, you’ll find a Na’vi merchant. Interact with her to buy the Shaded Waterweed Bast.

If you’ve already made the purchase before, there’s a chance the merchant will restock after a while. Ensure to return after completing a few quests, as she typically refreshes the shop with the required material.

Another method to obtain the exquisite version of the Shaded Waterweed Bast is by searching inside the Tranquility Bulb.

Left: two arrows showing the location of the Pillar Canyon Biome on the map - Right: Player looking at a bunch of Tranquility Bulb Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

These are the large pink flowers typically found in the Pillar Canyon biome, and many of them are located to the east of the Circle Zeswa Clan Home.

Once you’re there, use your Ikran to fly and inspect the inside of the Tranquility Bulb to locate the required material.

Where To Find The Hammerhead Horn

Player inspecting a Hammerhead Titanothere for the Hammerhead Horn material Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Unlike the first two materials, obtaining the Hammerhead Horn requires hunting a specific animal called the Hammerhead Titanothere. However, you need to find a rarer version of this animal.

A guaranteed spot for encountering this animal is in the Dyer’s Bowl area, located close to where the Resistance Headquarters was.

A picture of a map showing the Dyer's Bowl area Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

When you find the Hammerhead Titanothere, inspect the animal to confirm it has the exquisite version of the Hammerhead Horn. Once verified, execute a clean kill by hitting the weakspot on the animal.

Afterward, harvest the animal to collect the final item needed to craft the Energizing Longbow.

Craft The Energizing Longbow And Acquire The Master Crafter Skill

Player is about to craft the Energizing Longbow Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Now that you have all the items, go to the nearest Crafting Table and craft the Energizing Longbow. After doing so, you will successfully complete the Apex Challenge and gain the Master Crafter skill.

Having the Master Crafter skill is advantageous, especially if you regularly craft your own equipment.

This skill enhances the power of your newly crafted equipment, resulting in increased damage for weapons and improved health for gear.


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