How To Complete The Disney Princess Legacy Challenge In The Sims 4

Life as a Sim is rarely a fairytale, but once upon a time, a bloodline of princesses made (most of) their dreams come true in the magical land of The Sims 4. Complete with unsavory childhoods and existential yearning, the Disney Princess Legacy Challenge dares you to recreate the lives of your favorite Disney royalty.




The Sims 4: Legacy Challenges, Explained

Here’s how to participate in legacy challenges and how to make your own in The Sims 4.

From hectic careers to unruly children, there are bound to be obstacles as the line of succession progresses. But after all, who said being a princess was easy? We’ve gathered all the tips and tricks you’ll need to raise ten generations of the royal bloodline.

What Is The Disney Princess Legacy Challenge?

A Sim that resembles Elsa from Disney's Frozen stands in front of an icy background.

The Disney Princess Legacy Challenge was created by MissPlaying just a few short months after the original release of The Sims 4. Since then, countless players have tried their hand at raising a royal bloodline that lasts for ten generations.

Beyond its general appeal to Disney fans, the Disney Princess Legacy Challenge has remained popular in the decade since its initial release, thanks to its accessibility. Unlike many challenges found online, this legacy challenge is playable with just the base game instead of needing expansion packs for specific challenge requirements.

It is also a great challenge to try for first-time legacy players. Most legacy challenges dare players to reach the top of their Sim’s careers, fulfill aspirations, and max out skills before moving on to the next generation, but the Disney Princess Legacy Challenge encourages participants to focus more on creating narratives and hitting plot points rather than going for the gold with each of their Sims.

Generation One: Snow White

A Sim resembling Disney's Snow White stands against a yellow and red gradient background.

It’s only appropriate that your legacy founder be Snow White, the original Disney princess! Head to Create A Sim and craft a Sim that you think best resembles her. You can shoot for historical accuracy or create a more modern take on her royal look.

Start playing Snow White as a teenager and create her evil stepmother, or jump straight ahead to her young adult years. Your founder is required to have seven children with the same parent, each with one negative trait, but despite their shortcomings, each child achieves something extraordinary before their teenage years.

To avoid a poison apple situation, make sure that Snow White never answers the door for strangers or chats with elderly women!

How To Achieve Something As A Child

Your founder is required to have each child achieve something before aging up into an adult, but MissPlaying isn’t picky about what this achievement is. Leveling childhood skills, getting straight-A’s, and fulfilling child aspirations are three great ways to meet this challenge requirement.

The Multi-Task child aspirations from the Growing Together expansion pack are generally easier to complete than base game child aspirations.

Generation Two: Cinderella

A Sim resembling Cinderella is shown against a yellow and blue background.

The second-generation Sim in this legacy is Cinderella, one of Snow White’s seven children. With so many siblings, Cinderella learned to pick up the slack around the home, and you can begin playing her as a teenager, developing her housework skills as she grows.

As an adult, Cinderella marries and raises three children — but not until her mother dies. Even as she grows older, she cleans the house daily and cooks every meal.

How To Kill A Sim

Playing legacy challenges already takes a certain level of dedication, and waiting around for Snow White to croak before starting on your third generation of children might be a bit of a bore. As terrible as it may sound, you may just want to kill her off so you can move on.

Generation Three: Tiana

A Sim that looks like Tiana from Disney's The Princess and The Frog is shown in front of a green background.

Snow White and Cinderella took on more traditional roles in the family, but your third-generation Sim is ready to change the narrative. Tiana is a culinary powerhouse whose talents extend far beyond the bayou!

She starts her journey as a young adult, but tragedy soon strikes when her dad passes away. Inspired by his love for food, Tiana carries on his memory by pursuing the Master Chef aspiration, and as she climbs the ranks as a cook, she meets her husband and has a few tadpoles of her own.

How To Make The Master Chef Aspiration Easier

Although Master Chef is considered one of the easier aspirations to complete, a little help never hurts, and there are a few simple ways to speed along the process. Firstly, according to the challenge rules, Tiana only requires one specified trait: Ambitious, which means that you get to select her two other traits.

Choosing the Creative trait will make Tiana feel Inspired more, which will give her an advantage in her home kitchen as well as at her job. The Perfectionist trait will also be helpful to Tiana’s Master Chef aspiration because it will elevate the quality of the dishes she cooks.

You should also be mindful of which appliances you’re using in the kitchen. Spending a few extra simoleons on a flashy oven can give your Sim that extra boost they need to meet their aspiration requirements.

Generation Four: Aurora

A Sim that looks like Aurora from Disney's Sleeping Beauty stands against a blue and pink background.

The fourth-generation princess lived a comfortable life at home, but her father’s overprotective nature kept her from finding love. When Aurora becomes a young adult, she journeys to find her one true love.

Despite her laziness and lack of social life, she manages to find her future husband while sneaking out of her parent’s house. They elope to a destination far, far away, and have two beautiful girls.

How To Play The Lazy Trait

The Lazy trait is often considered a “negative” trait, as it can make gameplay more difficult, but what it lacks in functionality, it makes up for in hijinks. Have the best of both worlds by enjoying the humor of the Lazy trait without as many inconveniences! You can avoid irritating Moodlets by choosing complementary traits, aspirations, and skills.

The Lazy trait pairs well with almost all other traits, with the exception of Active, Ambitious, and Neat. Lazy Sims will dislike any aspiration that requires them to exercise or gain career promotions.

However, your Sim will adore building skills that allow them to sit back and relax. Think Charisma, Mischief, Comedy, and Video Gaming!

Use some satisfaction points to purchase the Carefree reward trait from the Rewards store. Aurora will then be able to perform chores without gaining a Tense moodlet.

Although it may seem insignificant, these choices will spare you many frustrating moments in-game.

Generation Five: Anna

A Sim resembling Frozen's Anna is shown against a green background.

The fifth-generation princess begins a bit sooner than the other generations, and you can start playing this generation when Anna is still a child. Play through the events of Frozen by making Anna lose contact with her sister, Elsa, until they become young adults.

In the meantime, Anna meets a criminal and falls in love, but things take a turn when she almost dies due to the actions of her love interest (you can decide whether this was intentional or not). After reconnecting with Elsa, she finds a new beau who won’t try to kill her.

How To Find A Criminal To Date

It may sound relatively simple, but this challenge requirement can prove difficult if you don’t know where to look. Not many townies pursue the Criminal career branch, so you won’t want to waste time trying to pick one up at the bar.

There are only two pre-made Criminal Sims: Jacques Villareal and Nancy Landgraab. Keep in mind that Jacques can only be found if you have the Get Together expansion pack, and neither could pass as a prince, as they’re both pretty old for Anna.

So, your best bet may be to create a love interest for Anna yourself.


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Generation Six: Rapunzel

A Sim resembling Disney's Rapunzel is shown against a purple background.

As you may have guessed, Rapunzel had a sheltered childhood, and this sixth-generation princess is an artistic loner who spends her teenage years in solitude. Without a social life, she has plenty of time to work on her painting skills, and once she grows older, she makes up for lost time by making friends after eloping with her spouse.

How To Develop The Painting Skill

Rapunzel must reach level eight in the Painting skill before she becomes a young adult, so you’ll want to focus on developing this skill as much as you can. Since you’re on a time crunch, use these tips to make skill building a bit more speedy.

Choosing traits strategically can help you build skills faster, and Rapunzel is required to have the Loner and Art Lover traits, but you still have one more trait to select. Opt for the Creative or Perfectionist traits to maximize the time Rapunzel spends painting.

Generation Seven: Belle

A Sim that looks like Beauty and the Beast's Belle is standing against a yellow background.

Belle is a lovable bookworm who doesn’t have much interest in romance after five failed relationships — that is, until she meets a Sim who isn’t so easy on the eyes.

She marries the ugly Sim, and they begin to build a family together. As soon as their first child is born, her spouse magically transforms into a total stud!

Give Belle the Romantic trait to make building romantic relationships easier.

Generation Eight: Mulan

A Sim resembling Disney's Mulan stands against a pink background.

Your eighth-generation princess has desires for herself that conflict with her family’s. Mulan is a fierce, ambitious young adult reaching for the stars: literally!

Mulan becomes a successful astronaut who reaches the top of her career and falls hard for a coworker. After marrying and having kids, Mulan still enjoys reaching new heights through physical activity.

How To Complete The Astronaut Career

In order to float her way to the top of the Astronaut career, Mulan is going to have to work hard at home and at the space base. For levels one through seven of her career, she will need to build her Fitness and Logic skills.

Keeping helpful items in Mulan’s home will help her build these skills more easily. For the Logic skill, buy a chess board or telescope for Mulan to play around with, and to build her Fitness skill, install a treadmill, punching bag, or weight machine.

Generation Nine: Jasmine

A Sim that looks like Disney's Jasmine stands against a blue and yellow background.

Mulan earned lots of money for her children as an astronaut, but her daughter, Jasmine, is impressed by things with more substance. As a teenager, her rebellious nature gets her grounded quite a bit, but as an adult, Jasmine isn’t interested in gold-digging, and she marries a criminal without a penny to his name with whom she has four children.

Jasmine doesn’t have any required traits, aspirations, or careers, meaning you have the freedom to make this generation as easy (or as difficult) as you’d like.

Generation Ten: Merida

A Sim that looks like Merida from Disney's Brave stands against a green and yellow background.

Merida never understood why her mother gave up her riches to be with a street rat, and their angsty relationship caused her to act out as a teen, leading her to a life of trouble. She loses her mom and siblings in a terrible accident, which Merida has a hard time accepting, and the tragedy leaves her with a pessimistic outlook on love and family.

Your tenth-generation Sim isn’t required to meet any guidelines outside of being miserable and dying alone, so feel free to accomplish that goal however you wish.


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