How To Defeat Raph In Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

On your quest to overthrow your monster father in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, you’ll inevitably have to fight some powerful enemies to gain strength and help out people and monsters in the world. First, it was Bernie, letting lava pour out near Dragglerock Village, and now it’s his fellow Brimstone Brother Raph causing trouble.




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It seems Raph has not only kidnapped the monster Eileen’s friend Duffer but he’s also let loose a powerful monster called the Unspeakable One, so you’ll need to send him packing and rescue Duffer if you want the monsters in the area to respect you more.

How To Beat Raph

A party of a Mud Mannequin, Star Slime, Bludgiekin, and a Killa Gila fighting against a giraffe dragon known as Raph in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince.

As the second Brimstone Brother after Bernie, Raph packs a similar move set to him but notably tougher, fitting the fact that Bernie ran to him for help after being beaten by you. He also enjoys using powerful party-wide attacks, similar to the final fight at the Rank E level of Endor Colosseum.

Raph likes to use Kasap to lower your entire party’s defense, and it comes with a new party-wide skill called Multifists, which can do a lot of physical damage, especially to monsters with low defense. If that wasn’t bad enough, he also has Sizzle, the upgraded version of Sizz so that he can hit you with more party-wide damage.

You’ll want your monsters to be around level 16 if they’re unsynthesized, while synthesized monsters can handle it around level 13, to ensure they have the HP to handle Raph’s damage output.

For this fight, your main priority will be having enough healers, and monsters with the Buff skill or Sandstorm can come in very handy:

  • At this point, you can get monsters with Heal and Buff fairly easily: Komodo from either Terrestria or Circle of Indulgence (Lower Eschelon) comes with both thanks to its Defender Talent.
  • If you can recruit a Fromage Fray from the Circle of Indulgence during Spring, you can use it to make a strong monster by fusing it with the Spiky Slime offered by the Slime Stack in Honeyton. It can come with several handy skills for handling Raph.
  • Monsters with high defense, such as the Leery Lout and Airbagon, can keep up with Raph well since he doesn’t use any particular element.
  • Other useful Talents to have on your monsters for this fight include Cupid, Magic Maven, Blusterer, and Crack Afficionado.

Monsters with single-target Ice abilities such as Crack and Kacrackle Slash do upwards of 30 to 50 damage to Raph depending on your Monsters stats.

If you haven’t used them yet, Strong Medicines can come in handy if Raph is focusing on one of your monsters in particular, and you don’t have access to Midheal yet.

As long as you keep up with your healing and your monsters’ levels aren’t too low, Raph will eventually go down, and you’ll be able to free Duffer from this draconic giraffe’s clutches.


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