Complete Guide To Playing Acrid In Risk Of Rain Returns

Acrid is a melee Survivor in Risk of Rain Returns that uses poison and disease to deal damage over time to groups of enemies. Acrid is one of the strongest Survivors early in a run thanks to his poison damage, but can also scale well into the late game with the right setup.




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While Acrid’s abilities may seem simple, he functions pretty differently than other melee Survivors in the game. Below, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about playing Acrid, including each of his skills, the best items to use, and some tips for surviving.

Acrid Skills

acrid skill descriptions on character select screen

Acrid has the following four skills unlocked by default.



Festering Wounds

Maul an enemy for 120% damage. The target is poisoned for 24% damage per second.


Spit toxic bile for 220% damage, stunning enemies in a line for 1 second.

Caustic Sludge

Secret poisonous sludge for 2 seconds. Speeds up allies, while slowing and hurting enemies for 90% damage.


Release a deadly disease, poisoning enemies for 100% damage per second. The contagion spreads to two targets after 1 second.

Unlockable Skills

You can also unlock the following three skills for Acrid. These will replace his Festering Wounds, Neurotoxin, and Caustic Sludge.



How To Unlock

Corrosive Wounds (replaces Festering Wounds)

Maul enemies for 80% damage. Targets are corroded, and take 10% extra damage from all sources.

Kill caged Acrid in less than 15 seconds.

Toxic Bubble (replaces Neurotoxin)

Spit out a Toxic Bubble, dealing 60% damage over time, and slowing enemies, exploding for 600% damage after 5 seconds. Can be pushed by attacking.

Complete the Providence Trial “Caustic Climb”.

Collect 300 items as Acrid.

Dissolving Ambush (replaces Caustic Sludge)

Spit out a poisonous blob, forming a puddle that slows and hurts enemies for 100% damage. Use a second time to dissolve into acid and warp to the puddle, dealing 400% damage.

Complete the Providence Trial “Uncontrolled Experiment”.

Defeat 3000 enemies as Acrid.

Best Items For Acrid

toxic centipede item description



Why It’s Good

Paul’s Goat Hoof

Increases movement speed by 15%.

Increases mobility; lets you escape from danger more easily.

Mysterious Vial

Increases health regeneration by 0.84 hp per second.

Increases overall survivability and effective health.

The Toxin

Infect enemies on contact for 3 seconds, causing them to receive 30% extra damage from all sources.

Increases damage of poison and damage over time effects.

Hermit’s Scarf

10% chance to evade incoming damage.

Increases survivability.


Killing an enemy increases your health permanently by 1.

Increases survivability and health as the run progresses.

Dead Man’s Foot

Chance when damaged to drop a poison mine that deals 150% damage and poisons for x600% damage over time. Chance to drop starts at 15% and increases with low health.

High damage effect that is easy to trigger in groups of enemies.

Toxic Centipede

Infect a nearby enemies on contact for 6 seconds, dealing damage every 0.5 seconds. Bounces to other enemies if the target dies. Recharges every 6 seconds.

High damage over time, scales with The Toxin.

Tough Times

Increases armor by 14.

Increases overall survivability.

Alien Head

Decrease your skill cooldowns by 30%.

Lets you use your skills more frequently.


Healing past full grants you barrier equal to 50% of the amount you healed. Increases maximum barrier by 20%.

Drastically increases survivability, granting barrier with excess healing.

Acrid’s skills are very strong and don’t need much item investment to do well with, so opting for defensive and mobility items is a better option. Essentially, any item that boosts these two aspects will be great for Acrid.

How To Play As Acrid

acrid poisoning a stone golem

Unlike other melee Survivors, Acrid’s best skills aren’t melee attacks. In fact, the best way to play Acrid is by using your melee Primary attack as little as possible.

Because of the strength of poison and damage over time effects, you can unload your skills on the enemy and then run away, letting the damage tick down while remaining safe from their attacks. This playstyle lets you invest more in defensive items, letting your poison damage do most of the work when it comes to killing enemies.

To that end, we recommend sticking with Acrid’s default skills, with the option to swap Caustic Sludge for Dissolving Ambush if you want more mobility. Since you aren’t really going to use your Primary attack, you can choose either one you prefer.

Between Neorotoxin and Toxic Bubble, the former is much easier to use and provides a more pronounced effect, while Toxic Bubble can be difficult and clunky to accurately use, and doesn’t have a stun effect that is vital for interrupting the enemy’s attacks.

Overall, your general strategy is to use Neurotoxin and Epidemic on groups of enemies to apply poison damage, then use Caustic Sludge or Dissolving Ambush to move away as necessary. Dodge attacks by moving and jumping while your cooldowns refresh, then repeat this process as necessary until the enemy is dead.


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