Everything You Need To Know About Jack Krauser From Resident Evil 4

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Major Jack Krauser is one of the most memorable antagonists in Resident Evil 4 for multiple reasons. For starters, he looks to be on that RE5 Chris Redfield workout regime as he’s jacked, which makes him visually different from all the other villains. On top of that, he’s American and has a prior relationship with Leon.




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So, he clearly stands out, even if he doesn’t get an abundance of screen time in the original Resident Evil 4 or the remake. Still, he leaves a lasting impression, and if you want to get to know him more, here is all the important information there is about the man.

History Pre-Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles key art showing Leon and Krauser back-to-back fighting zombies

There are two different versions of Krauser’s past prior to Resident Evil 4, as the remake changed some things. In both, he was an experienced soldier who joined the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). While in this role, he took part in a special op called Operation Javier. This is where the canon starts to get mixed up a bit.

In the original history, he was teamed up with Leon for Operation Javier, and the two were ordered to eliminate a bio-organic threat. During the mission, however, Krauser began to believe that viruses like the T-virus and the Veronica virus actually have their benefits. He became intrigued by the power they gave the host. This change in viewpoint didn’t stop him from completing the mission, though. He lost his arm in the process and, eventually, faked his death to seek out Albert Wesker to get the power he craved.

The remake version is a little different, as Krasuer conducted the mission with a group of elite operatives. They were abandoned by their superiors, and all of Krauser’s allies died. So, he came out as the only survivor, which naturally changed him. Not only did he now hate the government, but he became obsessed with the idea that power is the most important thing in the world.

Relationship With Leon

Leon and Krauser shake hands.

Another thing the Resident Evil 4 Remake altered was the relationship between Krauser and Leon.

Originally, the duo were paired up for Operation Javier as they both worked for the Government in different departments. For much of the mission, they got on well. Yet, jealousy began to creep in when Krauser discovered that Leon got his orders straight from the President. This began the downfall of their budding friendship. In Resident Evil 4, Krauser is under orders to kill Leon and doesn’t seem hesitant at all to do so. Therefore, they’re fully-fledged rivals by this point.

In the remake, their history and relationship are a bit more complex. Krauser was Leon’s superior prior to Resident Evil 4. He trained the guy as part of a secret government program. So, they shared a mentor-student sort of relationship. However, by the events of the remake, Krauser has fully gone over to the dark side, meaning Leon no longer looks up to him. But Krauser still sees the hero as a rookie. While neither is hugely fond of the other by this point, they still seem to have some modicum of respect for one another.

How He Joined Los Illuminados

major jack krauser prepares to fight leon kennedy in resident evil 4 remake

In both Resident Evil 4 games, Krauser assists the Los Illuminados. However, his reasons for doing so are different.

Just before the events of the original RE4, Krauser infiltrates the cult under the orders of Wesker. The iconic villain wanted Krauser to get ahold of a dominant species Plaga for him. The leader of the Los Illuminados, Osmund Saddler, gave him the Plaga sample and had him kidnap the President’s daughter, Ashley Graham. Because of his desire for power, he infected himself with the Plaga given to him by Saddler, which gave him incredible powers. And because it was the dominant one, he got to keep his free will, meaning he stayed loyal to Wesker.

In the remake version, Krasuer finds the Los Illuminados himself, and his lust for power is what leads to him joining them. He gets what he wants when he is infected with the dominant species Plaga, which grants him special abilities. The cult gets what it wants when he has Ashley kidnapped. So, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.


major jack krauser's mutant plaga form in resident evil 4 remake

Krauser isn’t able to live through either the original Resident Evil 4 or the Remake. Yet, how he meets his end is different in each version.

His downfall in the original Resident Evil 4 begins when he battles Leon. The American agent severely damages Krauser, and it seems like the villain is dead at the end of their duel. But he actually survives that skirmish. Yet, not long later, he comes face-to-face with Ada Wong. In his weakened state, Wong is able to get the best of him and finish the antagonist off.

In the remake, Ada Wong isn’t directly involved in Krauser’s death. Instead, his one-on-one battle with Leon serves as his final fight. Despite all of his special powers, his former student defeats him. On the verge of death, Krauser encourages Leon to finish him off with the villain’s own knife. The hero obliges, albeit somewhat hesitantly.

In both versions, Albert Wesker recovers Krauser’s body to get his hands on the dominant Plaga.


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