Where To Meet At The Beach After 6PM In Coral Island

Coral Island is a game of many mysteries. All over the island, you will encounter countless mysteries and unique challenges to solve. Sometimes these mysteries unravel throughout the game or as you progress to certain milestones, but other times, you will find yourself unraveling a quick small-town riddle in the form of a mysterious letter.




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At some point during your playthrough, you will find a Mysterious Letter waiting for you in your mailbox. The letter is unsigned but invites you to meet the anonymous sender at a given time for unknown reasons. Mysterious though it is, this letter is nothing to fear, but rather something adorable to explore.

How To Get The Mysterious LetterCoral Island, an image of Suki smiling while talking to the player

Triggering the Mysterious Letter will usually happen naturally as you progress through the game, but if you are looking to trigger it manually, the key is to gain approval with Suki. Like with all Townies, raising approval with Suki will earn you various letters and rewards as you build your relationship.

When you reach two hearts with Suki, you will receive the Mysterious Letter in the mail. Usually, the letter will appear within the same day that you reached the two-heart milestone, but if you have reached the milestone and don’t see the letter immediately, don’t worry. Sleeping through the night should trigger the letter’s arrival in the morning.

If you are looking to re-read the letter or find it for any other reason, you can do so by opening your in-game journal.

You can open the journal by pressing the ‘J’ key on your keyboard, or by opening your inventory and scrolling to the ‘Journal’ tab. Here, you’ll be able to see every letter you have received so far.

Who Is The Mysterious Letter From?

Coral Island, an image of The Mysterious Letter

The contents of the letter are very vague. The letter reads: ‘[Player Name], meet me at the beach west of the diving spot tomorrow evening. See you at 6 pm.’

It’s easy to miss the fact that this is a letter from Suki, as it is unsigned, but heading to the meeting spot is nothing to fear. In fact, if you plan on romancing Suki, you will need to complete this quest before you can move on in her romance.

Answering The Mysterious Letter

Coral island: an image of Ben in his winter outfit

Despite the fact that the Mysterious Letter and many other quests you encounter will indicate a specific meeting time like ‘tomorrow’ or ‘today’, heart events do not need to be triggered in that time frame.

Don’t panic if you can’t make it to the meeting spot by 6 pm (18:00 if you’re using the 24-hour clock) on the day after you receive the letter. You can make it to the meeting spot at 6 pm on any day.

Coral Island, an image of the location of the meeting spot marked on a map

Whenever you’re ready to head out, head to the location marked in the above image. You can get to this location a few ways, but the two quickest are by fast traveling to the diving pier shrine, or exiting your farm’s southern exit and taking an immediate right. When you get to the area of beach marked above, Suki’s second heart event will begin automatically.

Heart events are triggered based on time of day and location only.

The heart event is short but sweet. Suki and Ben will be chatting together on the beach while they wait for you.

You will get the opportunity to respond to Ben’s question about how things are progressing by choosing one of three options to describe how you’re getting along in your new environment. Answer however you see fit.


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