Every Milestone Of The Seeker Of Secrets Aspiration And How To Complete Them In The Sims 4: For Rent

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The Sims 4: For Rent comes with a cool four new aspirations for your Sims that seek to explore the new gameplay of the pack, and if you’re into the juicy gossip simmer just below the surface of town, then the Seeker of Secrets aspiration is probably for your Sim.




The Sims 4: For Rent – More Than Meets The Eye

There’s an unexpected depth here, and not just on the coastline.

The Seeker of Secrets aspiration is all about snooping through the belongings of others in search for the hottest Secrets, and whether they blackmail others for cash or choose to keep those Secrets to themselves is all up to you. Explore it all firsthand with the Seeker of Secrets aspiration!

Seeker Of Secrets Aspiration Overview

a sim spying on two sims having a conversation at the market in tomarang the sims 4 for rent seeker of secrets

New in The Sims 4: For Rent, the Seeker of Secrets aspiration is all about blackmailing your neighbors and learning all their dirtiest secrets.

For this aspiration, you’ll be doing plenty of snooping through houses in search of juicy secrets, eavesdropping on neighbors through their doors, or even breaking into homes to have a look around on your own.

If you’re pairing the aspiration with the Kleptomaniac trait that allows your Sim to swipe objects from the homes of others, which increase in value as your Mischief skill gets higher, the robberies all but write themselves with the new Break In events.

With a couple of different ways to handle Secrets in The Sims 4, you’ll be doing a bit of both secret-keeping and blackmailing to complete the aspiration.

Helpful Traits For The Seeker Of Secrets Aspiration

It may be helpful to give this aspiration to a Sim with the Nosy trait, which is also new in The Sims 4: For Rent, as they’ll naturally be inclined to search for secrets.

a sim with the option to snoop in someone else's bed the sims 4 for rent seeker of secrets snoop

This new trait sees to it that your Sim is always interested in gossip, and they’ll have more whims related to snooping and gossiping in general.

In fact, they begin to get Tense the longer they go without hearing the latest scoop, whether someone has actually meant to tell your Sim about their Secrets or not.

You’ll also have a few exclusive socials related to Secrets, but they don’t factor into the aspiration milestones – but it’s always a good time for Nosy Sims to learn gossip!

Additionally, since you’ll be doing a good amount of socializing trying to lord these juicy Secrets over other Sims, you may find it helpful to have Outgoing Sims shooting for this aspiration.

Choosing any trait that makes your Sim dislike socializing is generally a bad choice for the Seeker of Secrets aspiration.


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Every Milestone In The Seeker Of Secrets Aspiration

a sim delightfully breaking into judith ward's house with a crowbar the sims 4 for rent break in seeker of secrets

In the table below, we’ve detailed each of the three levels of the Seeker of Secrets aspiration in The Sims 4: For Rent. This includes helpful tips and detailed info about how to complete each step to finish the entire aspiration.

Seeker Of Secrets Aspiration Milestones And How To Complete Them




Nosy Novice

Discover 3 Secrets

You can either eavesdrop on conversations, or go snooping through items, and discover secrets in this fashion.

Snoop for 10 Secrets

Discover 10 secrets about other Sims by way of snooping in beds, trash, desks, and more. Anywhere someone can store something is fair game!

Eavesdrop on Sims 5 Times

Whether it’s in conversation or through doors, use the “Eavesdrop” interaction five times total.

Superior Pryer

Confront a Sim with a Secret 3 Times

After you’ve discovered a secret about a Sim, find the “Confront about Secret” social in the Gossip menu of the Friendly socials. Do this three separate times.

Keep 1 Secret

After confronting a Sim with their Secret once you know it, offer to keep it for them one time.

Discover 2 Secrets While Eavesdropping

While using the “Eavesdrop” interaction on doors or on Sims in conversation, discover secrets twice through this method.

Snooper Extraordinaire

Break Into a Home

After traveling to any residential lot other than your home, successfully break into the home to snoop.

Find a Tiger Inspector Badge

Your Sim can sneak into the Sulea Tiger Sanctuary during the night. Do so successfully, and you may find this as a souvenir. Find a badge one time.

Blackmail a Sim

After learning a secret about a Sim and confronting them with it, choose to blackmail them with the secret instead to get them to pay you in Simoleons to keep quiet. It can be found in the Malicious category of the Mean socials menu.

Once you complete the Seeker of Secrets milestone, your Sim will earn the Pry of the Tiger trait, which makes them vastly more successful in looking for secrets. They’ve also got an alibi and will not be penalized for


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