How To Unlock The Direhorse Mount In Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora

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There are many clans in Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora, and they each have their own traditions and ways that help them thrive on the surface of Pandora. As a Na’vi, your goal is to unify the clans against the RDA to stop the pollution from spreading and harming your homeworld even more than it already has.




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One of the first clans you’ll meet is the Aranahe, which will lead you to the Zeswa, who wander the Upper Plains above the Silk Woods. Getting there won’t be easy, but with a little help, you can bring all the clans together to rally against your common enemy!

How To Reach The Upper Plains

When you start The Wandering Clan, you’ll need to head back to Resistance Headquarters to speak with Alma. She’s in the entry hub, outside of her link chamber. This is the first time you’ll see her as a human, not Na’vi.

After sharing the good news that the Aranahe will join the fight against the RDA, you’ll be sent to investigate noises outside. A close call with a spear and you’ll find the source: an unfamiliar Na’vi. She introduces herself as Nesim and invites you to find the Zeswa clan in the Upper Plains.

Take flight on your ikran and make for the Celebration Arches to the north, atop the Ovation Falls and north of the Stoneblade Ridge.

Your ikran will not be able to join you right away in the Upper Plains.

Instead, take them to the entrance of the cave and go the rest of the way on foot.

As you near the waterfalls, you’ll see cliffs overhanging the body of water below. Land on the overhang and head towards the mouth of the cave. It’s decorated with colorful banners. Climb your way to the top and fly the kite to summon Nesim’s sister.

How To Tame A Direhorse

You’ll need a direhorse to traverse the land in the Upper Plains quickly until your ikran is comfortable enough to join you. The bond with a direhorse is temporary, so you’ll need to soothe them each time you need to ride a new one.

Once soothed, you can mount the direhorse and they will follow you. You can only have one active direhorse at a time. After you’ve proven yourself to Minang and Nesim, you’ll have to head off and find the clan yourself.

How To Find The Zeswa Clan

Using your direhorse, ride through the Celebration Valley and follow the kites overhead to reach the clan. You’ll get to see the beauty of the Upper Plains for yourself as you traverse the land to reach a boisterous group of Na’vi.

You’ll need to investigate the commotion in The Circle, which turns out to be a dance-fight, where you’ll meet Kin, the master dairy crafter. Follow him as he introduces you to the Zeswa cutlure, after which he’ll send you to get fresh milk from Akoray.

This is a great opportunity to get to meet the Zeswa clan by exploring The Nursery and the Pa’li Grounds.

These are both optional, but recommended.

Find Akoray at the Dairy Camp to get fresh milk, and bring it to Kin across the stream to the north. You’ll get up close with Pa’suk, one of the zakru that the clan follows.

With that, you’ve met the clan and begun the next chapter of your adventure.


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