Gaming Gifts For Your Best Friend

Navigating the maze of gift-giving can be as challenging as a final boss battle, especially when your best friend is a gamer. Fear not, for we’ve crafted a guide that unlocks the secret level of gifting for both video game and tabletop game lovers. Whether they’re saving princesses in pixelated castles or rolling dice in a fantasy board game world, this article is your all-access pass to finding that perfect present.



From tech treasures that’ll thrill the most devoted video gamers to board game gems for those who love strategizing around the table, we’ve got you covered. So gear up, because we’re about to drop some epic gift ideas that’ll win you the title of ‘Best Friend of the Year.’

Gaming Gifts For Your Best Friend

EURPMASK PC Gaming Headset_Headphone Hook

EURPMASK PC Gaming Headset/Headphone Hook

Space-Saving Buddy for Your Gaming Gear

$13 $15 Save $2

Keep your gaming zone clutter-free with this sleek Headphone Hook! It’s the perfect under-desk buddy for any gamer.


  • A real lifesaver for small desks, making more room for gaming action.
  • An adjustable arm that swings in and out.
  • A neat built-in cable loop to keep those wires under control.

  • The white version might not vibe with all white setups.

Imagine your best friend’s gaming setup, but neater and more efficient – that’s what this headset hook offers. It’s a thoughtful gift that says, “I understand your gaming needs.” Clamping effortlessly onto the desk, it provides a smart, space-saving solution. The adjustable arm and cable loop are practical touches that subtly enhance their gaming experience without being overbearing.

However, if their setup is a parade of white gear, steer clear of the white variant; it doesn’t always match up. Opt for black to ensure your gift seamlessly integrates into their gaming sanctuary. It’s a clever, understated way to show you care about their gaming comfort without going over the top.

My Arcade Retro Arcade Machine

My Arcade Retro Arcade Machine

A Pocket-Sized Nostalgia Trip

$31 $40 Save $9

Compact and preloaded with 300 games, the My Arcade Retro Arcade Machine is a mini time machine to the golden age of arcades.


  • An impressive library of classics, from puzzles to racing, ensuring endless fun.
  • At just 5.75 inches tall, it’s perfect for gaming on the go.
  • A 2.5-inch full-color screen for a vibrant gaming experience.

  • Requires 3 AA batteries, so remember to stock up!

Stepping into the world of retro gaming has never been easier. The My Arcade Retro Arcade Machine is a charming blast from the past, packing 300 games into a device that fits in your hand. It’s the ideal gift for your best friend who reminisces about the good old days of gaming. The variety is impressive – they can jump from solving puzzles to racing cars in seconds. Its petite stature is a huge plus, allowing them to relive their childhood memories anywhere, from long commutes to lazy weekends.

The full-color display is a nice touch, bringing a bit of modern flair to the retro games. And while it’s a bummer that batteries aren’t included, it’s a small hiccup in what is an otherwise fantastic trip down memory lane. Just imagine the look on your friend’s face as they unwrap this gem, ready to revisit the games that defined a generation.

Official Nintendo Licensed D-pad Joy-Con Left Zelda Version for Nintendo Switch

Official Nintendo Licensed D-pad Joy-Con Left Zelda Version for Nintendo Switch

A “Link” to Handheld Gaming

$28 $35 Save $7

Elevate your Nintendo Switch experience with the Zelda-themed D-pad Joy-Con. It’s a stylish, functional upgrade perfect for handheld gamers.


  • Special Edition artwork for the ultimate Zelda fan.
  • Perfect for games needing precise control like platformers and puzzles.
  • No battery means less weight, more comfort during long gaming sessions.

  • Can’t be used in TV mode and lacks certain features like vibration and motion sensors.

Switching up your gaming with this Legend of Zelda-themed Joy-Con is like unlocking a new level of handheld play. It’s a fantastic choice if your best friend’s original Joy-Con is drifting into oblivion. The transparent, retro look not only gives off cool vibes but also stays true to the Zelda spirit. And let’s talk about the D-pad – it’s a game-changer for titles that demand precision. It makes tackling those tricky platformers or solving complex puzzles feel more intuitive.

The lack of a battery makes it noticeably lighter, a blessing for those marathon gaming sessions. Sure, it misses out on some features like HD rumble and motion sensors, but the trade-off is worth it for the enhanced control and comfort. The rubberized capture and minus buttons are subtle yet significant improvements – less accidental presses and easier on the thumbs.

Elago AW5 AirPods Pro Case

elago AW5 AirPods Pro Case

A Retro Gaming Twist for Your Tunes

$12 $20 Save $8

Turn your AirPods Pro case into a nostalgic gaming console with the Elago AW5! It’s a protective, fun, and unique accessory for music-loving gamers.


  • Appeals to any gamer with a love for classic consoles.
  • Snug and secure, it’s like a glove for your AirPods Pro case.
  • Resists stains and damage, keeping your case looking new.

  • The brown keychain might not suit everyone’s taste, but it’s easily replaceable.

Gifting the Elago AW5 AirPods Pro Case is like handing over a piece of gaming history, but for music. Your best friend will adore the throwback to the days of Game Boys and SNES. The design is spot on, making their AirPods case instantly recognizable. It’s easy to clean, too, which is perfect for your friend who’s always on the move.

Whether it’s sweat, snacks, or just daily grime, this case keeps its cool.

Now, there’s a minor hiccup with the keychain’s color – it’s a bit out of sync with the case’s aesthetic. But hey, it’s a quick fix with a swap-out keychain that better suits their style. Also, while it’s great at protecting the case, it’s best to keep it safely tucked in a bag rather than dangling with keys, just to be extra safe with those precious AirPods.

Tamagotchi Original - Candy Swirl

Tamagotchi Original – Candy Swirl

A Sweet Trip Down Memory Lane

The classic Tamagotchi is back in a delightful Candy Swirl edition! It’s a nostalgic digital pet experience that’s sure to bring smiles and a bit of 90s charm.


  • Relive the joy of the original Tamagotchi with its classic programming.
  • Feed, play, and care for your Tamagotchi just like old times.
  • A guessing game adds an extra layer of interactive fun.

  • Requires regular attention, just like the original. Not for the forgetful!

Remember the ’90s, when caring for a pixelated pet was the coolest thing ever? The Tamagotchi Original in Candy Swirl is a sweet blast from the past, perfect for your friend who loves all things retro. The look is a fresh twist on the classic, with a swirl of candy colors that adds a fun, vibrant feel. But it’s not just about looks; this Tamagotchi brings back the original gameplay.

Your friend will be feeding it, turning off lights, and even cleaning up after it, just like back in the day. And the added character game? It’s a simple yet entertaining challenge that’s sure to keep them engaged. There are different versions available too, so whether your friend adores vibrant patterns or prefers something more understated, there’s a Tamagotchi for them. Each one has its unique charm, making it a personalized gift that matches their style.

Atari 2600_7800_ A Visual Compendium

Atari 2600/7800: A Visual Compendium

Dive Into Video Game History

The Atari 2600/7800: A Visual Compendium is chockful of nostalgia, art, and fascinating insights from the golden age of gaming.


  • Chronicles Atari’s rise and fall, capturing a pivotal era in gaming.
  • Over 200 classic games, pixel art, and cover art showcased in full color.
  • High-quality binding and a lenticular cover make it a collector’s dream.

  • It’s a pretty niche product, so not everyone will appreciate it.

For your friend who waxes nostalgic about the days when Atari reigned supreme, “Atari 2600/7800: A Visual Compendium” is the perfect gift. This book is a comprehensive journey through an era that shaped video gaming. From the familiar beeps of Space Invaders to the groundbreaking graphics of Pitfall!, it’s all here in glorious detail.

The book contains personal anecdotes and insights from industry pioneers. Plus, the quality is impeccable. Think vivid prints, a captivating lenticular cover, and a binding that lays flat for easy viewing of double-page spreads. The dual bookmark ribbons are a thoughtful touch for avid readers.

For those who lived through or are curious about this era, this is certainly a mesmerizing read. So, if your friend is into retro gaming or just appreciates the history and art of video games, this compendium is like gifting them a time machine. It’s a chance to relive the excitement of a groundbreaking era in gaming – with a modern twist.


How do I choose a gaming gift that my best friend will actually use and enjoy?

Consider their gaming habits and preferences. Do they spend hours on their console or are they more into strategic board games? Reflect on your past gaming sessions together or any gaming conversations you’ve had. This personal insight will guide you in choosing a gift that aligns with their interests.

What if I’m not sure about the specific games or gaming platforms my friend likes?

In this case, opt for versatile gaming accessories that are universally appreciated, like comfortable gaming chairs, high-quality headphones, or stylish merchandise from popular gaming franchises. These are safe bets that can enhance any gamer’s experience, regardless of their specific gaming preferences.

Can I find a meaningful gaming gift without breaking the bank?

Absolutely! A great gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Think about smaller, thoughtful items like custom-made gaming keychains, artwork from their favorite game, or even a set of unique dice for tabletop games. These budget-friendly options can be just as special and appreciated as pricier alternatives.


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