How To Destroy Hydro-Oil Extractor Alpha In Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora

The RDA is known for their unethical mining and extraction processes that pollute the land in Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora. As one of the Na’vi, it’s your responsibility to protect your home planet and eliminate the human forces that seek to destroy it. This include sabotaging different mining and drilling operations throughout the planet to prevent damage and pollution from spreading.




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One of those RDA outposts is Hydro-Oil Extractor Alpha, which is slightly different from the others you’ll come across. It’s tough, and you’ll find yourself getting turned around as you try to help the Na’vi protect their home and stop the RDA’s ruthless negligence.

How To Destroy The RDA Air Balloons

After bonding with your ikran and finding Etuwa on Storyteller’s Stone in Those Who Guide Us, you’ll need to locate the RDA devices in the sky that are disrupting the kinglor from feeding. You can find them southeast of the Silk Woods, above Spool Island.

Mount your ikran and head off, keeping an eye out for RDA scorpions that could fire at you. You’ll find a cluster of balloons giving on the signal that closes the kinglor flowers.

Land on the platform and use SID to hack into the balloons. This will expose a vulnerability, which you can then fire at. Make sure you’re on your ikran and a good distance away so that you’re not caught in the blast.

After the first balloon explodes, more RDA will show up to check on the situation.

Fly low to avoid detection and reach the other balloons that aren’t being monitored.

You’ll have to take out three balloons total before moving on to your next objective. Using your Na’vi senses, you can see all of the balloons in the cluster and which ones are surrounded by RDA scorpions.

When the balloons are down, you’ll meet Etuwa by the RDA facility. She will distract the RDA scorpions overhead so you can infiltrate the facility and bring it down from the inside. There are four controls you’ll need to interact with, and they can be a bit difficult to reach.

Make sure to handle things quietly, and there are numerous AMP suits prowling about. Getting caught will be problematic to say the least.

You can use the cables that connect the towers to cross overhead and stay out of sight. Use SID as needed to hack controls and AMP suits to stay undetected. There are plenty of places to use for cover, so stay hidden and unravel the RDA from the inside.

If you get stuck, our best tips for sabotaging RDA facilities can help.

After you’ve successfully taken out the towers and the pipelines, you’ll need to make your way to the top of the extractor to disrupt the frequency and fully shut down the plant.

Take your ikran and try to take out the RDA scorpion quickly. Aim for the weak points in the rotary blades to bring it down.

Once at the top, there are two control panels that must be activated to hack the main tower. You’ll want to interact with the panel on the left and the right to make sure they overload the antenna.

Where To Find Etuwa

Etuwa is injured Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

After taking down the facility, Etuwa goes down with her ikran. Call for your own ikran and use your Na’vi senses to track Etuwa and Talu through the jungle. You’ll find her a short ways off, unresponsive.

There is an RDA cluster of soldiers while tracking. You can go around them or cut through them.

Without much choice, head back to Hometree to convince the Aranahe clan to help fight the RDA. The kinglor are able to feed again, and that seems to be enough to convince the clan to join the Resistance.


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