Where To Find Infernal Iron In Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 plunges players into an intricate open world teeming with important collectibles, and among them, Infernal Iron stands out as one of the most elusive. Originally used in the Nine Hells for the creation of formidable weaponry and machinery, this substance has found an intriguing place in the storyline of the game.




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Used primarily to win favor with Karlach—the game’s scrappy Tiefling barbarian companion, Infernal Iron is vital to progressing her personal quest and narrative. Its rarity, however, makes it a challenging find. This in-depth guide will outline precisely where to find this invaluable metal across the Sword Coast.

Updated December 5, 2023 by Annie Shi: New locations have been added for the Gauntlet of Shar, Yurgir, Mason’s Guild, and Baldur’s Gate itself.

How To Use Infernal Iron

Baldur's Gate 3 - Karlach speaks to the player about her heart

The following section contains spoilers for the story of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Infernal Iron plays a crucial role in progressing through Karlach’s storyline, the Tiefling barbarian companion of the game.

Early on in your acquaintanceship with her, you’ll learn that Karlach’s heart has been replaced with an infernal engine—a machinery powered by souls (and by extension, Soul Coins)—by her fiendish former “employers”. However, having escaped from the Hells, she now lacks an infernal mechanic to maintain her engine.

Luckily, you might have already met Dammon, the Tiefling blacksmith in the Druid Grove, who obtained experience with infernal forging when Elturel was dragged into the Hells.

Baldur's Gate 3 - The party talks to Dammon, the tiefling blacksmith

After learning about Karlach’s infernal engine, you can approach Dammon for assistance. He’ll be more than willing to service Karlach’s machinery, but only if you supply him with enough Infernal Iron to work with.

Progressing with Karlach’s storyline hinges on Dammon’s availability. If Dammon meets his end during Act 1, you’ll need to put a temporary hold on completing Karlach’s questline.

If he survives, however, you’ll find Dammon at the Last Light Inn during Act 2.

Infernal Iron Location 1: The Blighted Village

Baldur's Gate 3 - Astarion picks a lock in the Blighted Village

One of the first pieces of Infernal Iron you’ll be able to find is located in—or rather, under—the Blighted Village (X:66, Y:407) just west of the Druid Grove.

Whether you trick or kill the goblins in the village, once you’re free to explore, head up to one of the northern houses (X:44, Y:416), where you’ll see a set of Shabby Wooden Doors. They’re locked but can be picked with a simple DC10 Sleight of Hand skill check to get into the cellar.

If you don’t have the thieves’ tools to spare, you can also head inside the house. You’ll find a giant hole in the floor covered in calcified webs. Break the webs and jump through to get into the cellar, albeit at the cost of a little health.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Party stands around the calcified webs in the Blighted Village

Once inside, locate a ladder leading up to a small platform, and climb it to find a locked chest. Inside, you’ll find a piece of Infernal Iron, and a +1 Shortsword to boot.

Infernal Iron Location 2: The Shattered Sanctum

Baldur's Gate 3 - Player stands by Dror Ragzlin's treasure hoard

The next piece of Infernal Iron is simple to find but a little more difficult to get to. This one can be located deep inside the Shattered Sanctum, where the goblins have set up their camp—specifically, within the Treasure Crates locked away in the hall where Dror Ragzlin is performing his ritual.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Player stands in front of locked iron gates in the Shattered Sanctum

You’ll be able to nick the key off of Dror Ragzlin’s body if you choose to kill him and side with the Druids at the end of Act 1. Alternatively, if you manage to sneak past the clamoring goblins trying to resurrect a dead mindflayer, you could also lockpick the Iron Gate. Be warned, however, that it’ll take a staggering DC 20 Sleight of Hand check to successfully do so.

With its Medium Toughness trait, the Iron Gate will be difficult to brute-force through, as it can only be damaged by attacks that deal at least 22 damage to it.

Note, however, that it is especially vulnerable to Bludgeoning and Acid damage, meaning that a well-timed Chromatic Orb (or Barbarian with a greatclub) could possibly break it down.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Player loots Dror Ragzlin's treasure hoard

Once inside, you’ll be able to easily grab the Infernal Iron, as well as a ton of other delicious loot and gold.

Infernal Iron Location 3: The Zhentarim Hideout

Baldur's Gate 3 - Image of the cliffs in the Zhentarim Basement

There are numerous ways to access the elusive Zhentarim Hideout (X: 259, Y: -293) located to the west of Waukeen’s Rest (X:-82, Y:599).

The most foolproof method to find this place is to rescue the Zhentarim traders trapped in a cave by gnolls on the Risen Road, after which they’ll tell you the passcode you need to get in through the entrance near the stables of Waukeen’s Rest.

Alternatively, you can try to deceive the guard Salazon or make your way up from the Underdark.

Regardless of which one you take, make sure not to miss out on the piece of Infernal Iron hidden in the Black Network’s stores. Deal with the Zhentarim milling around the cave, taking note of the verticality of the map, as well as the oil and water around the map.

After that, climb up to the top of the cave, and make your way north through the Zhentarim Basement. Note that the rocky paths are lined with proximity mines, so make sure to set them off from a distance or disarm them.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Traps and mines on the bridges in the Zhentarim Hideout

If your visit has turned violent, take down the next group of guards and wolves to find their storeroom at (X:282, Y:-169) behind the iron gate to the left. Similar to the gate in the Shattered Sanctum, you can obtain the key from the bodies of the Zhentarim Agents you’ve just murdered or blast through it with some Acid damage—as long as it does enough to pass the threshold of Medium Toughness.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Player stands in front of some crates labelled with the Zhentarim symbol

You’ll find your piece of Infernal Iron in the chest to the right.

Both of the chests are trapped to explode if not disarmed.

The Infernal Iron—which cannot be melted except by the fires of the Hells—will survive the explosion, but little else might, yourself included.

Make sure to bring some Trap Disarm Kits with you!

Infernal Iron Location 4: Grymforge

Baldur's Gate 3 - Duergar skiff sails into Grymforge

This Infernal Iron is a little further along in the story than the others: in Grymforge (X:-647, Y:383), deep within the Underdark. To get to Grymforge, you’ll want to find the Decrepit Village right by the Underdark Beach (X:19, Y:208) waypoint.

Clear out the invading duergar—either violently or by promising to help them find their boots—and make your way over to the duergar boats on the water (X:-2, Y:-214). Interact with them to start your voyage towards Grymforge.

On your first trip, you’ll encounter some hostile duergar as you sail. If it comes down to a fight, watch the ledges! Falling into the water of the Ebonlake will be fatal—for both you and your foes.

Once you land, you’ll want to talk down the unfriendly duergar guards by paying their bribe—or scaring them straight. Then head up the stairs by the Underdark-Grymforge waypoint to talk to Stonemaker Kith, a duergar enamored by the architecture of the area.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Drow player speaks to Stonemaker Kith

Stonemaker Kith is also a trader, making him easy to locate on the minimap.

Impress him with a series of Investigation, History and Perception checks (each with a DC of 10), and he’ll gladly hand over a piece of Infernal Iron for your efforts.

Infernal Iron Location 5: Gauntlet of Shar

Balthazar Encounters Player When They Arrive In Shadowfell

Even as you delve into the gloomy shadowlands of Act Two, Infernal Iron remains plentiful—as long as you know where to look.

One hellish ingot can be found in the Gauntlet of Shar, near Balthazar’s Laboratory.

Head west after descending into the Gauntlet of Shar and solving the shadow puzzle at the start of the dungeon. After clearing out the angry justiciars and umbral tremors, you’ll find a vault to the west of the room, counter-clockwise from Balthazar’s Laboratory.

You’ll need to pass a whopping DC 30 Sleight of Hand (Dexterity) check to actually unlock this vault, however, so make sure to bring along your party rogue—or a lot of lockpicks.

Infernal Iron Location 6: Yurgir

Baldur's Gate 3, Yurgir aiming a weapon in act two

The next piece of Infernal Iron can be found on Yurgir the Orthon, who similarly be found in the Gauntlet of Shar.

Head east after descending into the Gauntlet of Shar, and follow the displacer beast into the east wing (X:-656, Y:-761) of the dungeon to start an encounter with Yurgir.

There are numerous ways to deal with Yurgir, some of which involve no fighting at all. You’ll need to kill him one way or another, however, to get this piece of iron.

After he dies (whether at your hand or his own), you’ll be able to loot the piece of metal from his pile of ashes.

Infernal Iron Location 7: Mason’s Guild

Baldur's Gate 3 - Player at Infernal Iron location in Mason's Guild

The next piece of metal can be found in the town of Reithwin, near the Mason’s Guild.

Travel to the east side of the Mason’s Guild to find the Infernal Metal at (X:-103, Y:20) on a table.

Infernal Iron Location 8: Steel Watchers

Baldur's Gate 3 - Player looting Infernal Iron from a Steel Watch

By Act Three, you’ve probably gotten the use you need out of the Infernal Metals.

However, just in case you need more, you’ll be able to find them aplenty within the city of Baldur’s Gate: every Steel Watcher robot guarding the city can be looted for some upon death.

Killing them is easier said than done, however, because doing so will alert the Flaming Fist and possibly get you arrested and thrown in jail. Plus, the Steel Watch robots themselves are tough opponents that self-destruct when killed or at low health.

Finishing the Disable the Steel Watch questline will make all the Steel Watchers drop dead, after which you can loot them to your heart’s content.


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