How To Unlock The Ikran In Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora

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One of the main appeals of Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora is getting to bond with your own ikran and take to the skies. Every Na’vi dreams of this rite, and you get to experience it first hand. From climbing the rookerie to your first flight together, every moment builds the excitement.




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The excitement is not without danger, as the ascent through the rookerie is perilous, and the ikran themselves are less than welcoming to outsiders. It will take work and a bit of trust to make it to the top and show that you have what it takes to become an Ikran Rider.

How To Start Take Flight

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora entrance to the ikran rookerie

After completing The Eye of Eywa in the main questline, Take Flight immediately begins. You’ll need to head to the ikran rookerie to the west of the Hometree.

Some quests cannot be completed when Take Flight is in progress.

When you arrive, you may need to use the campfire to pass time until Eetu and Nefika arrive. When they do, you’ll be ushered into the rookerie where you’ll begin your ascent to bond with an ikran.

How To Reach The Ikran Rookerie

Climbing the rookerie is exhilarating, but a little confusing. It’s easy to get lost on the winding paths, but keep your eyes forward and move. When your path is blocked by the Gateway Lilies, make sure to touch each of the smaller blooms to open the way.

Watch your footing! It’s a long way down and you don’t yet have an ikran to catch you.

As you get higher, you’ll encounter more of the floating islands that you’ll need to climb. Carefully jump and make your way across the vines and branches to get to the top of the rookerie, where you’ll get to finally bond with your ikran and take a flight of passage.

You can name and design your very own ikran. While the design can be changed later, the name cannot be. Make sure to

How To Bond With Your Ikran

Once you’ve bonded with your ikran, you can soar across the skies of Pandora. This makes it much easier to cross great distances. You can dismount near the ground or in midair, and you can also feed your ikran to keep their energy up.

If you approach your ikran from the front, you can pet them!

You can give your ikran decor as well, much like your own cosmetic armor. There are more patterns to find as you explore the world, so keep your eyes open.


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