How To Get The Swamp Nectar Comb

The Na’vi has a deeply spiritual connection to Eywa, and that connection plays a strong role in Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora. As one of the last in your clan, it’s your responsibility to help defeat the RDA and heal the planet from the devastating pollution left in their wake. It won’t be easy, but it’s vital to stop further destruction.




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As you pursue the main quest, you’ll see just how much damage the RDA has done to the planet, and as you embrace your new life free from TAP, you’ll get to play an active part in cleaning up the mess.

How To Start The Eye Of Eywa

After completing The Missing Hunter, The Eye Of Eywa immediately begins. Your first objective is to return to Hometree to meet with Etuwa, but only Ka’nat is waiting for you.

After a brief discussion, head out to meet with Etuwa and Nefika just outside Hometree, near a tree to the northwest. They will discuss a ritual to discover what’s wrong with the kinglor by connecting to their queen.

However, after the kinglor queen stings you, a nectar niktsyey will be needed to bring you back. For that, you’ll need swamp honey comb from a specific region.

While Nefika won’t tell you where to find the swamp honey comb, you can find the location in your hunter’s guide.

However, for this quest, it needs to be found in a specific swamp biome noted by your quest marker, just to the south of Hometree.

How To Destroy The RDA Outpost

Once you arrive in the specific biome, you won’t be able to gather ingredients. The area is heavily polluted, and the only way to fix it is by removing the RDA’s presence.

Even if you find the swamp hive nectar, the pollution will not let you gather it.

While there are other swamp biomes, the quest requires you to go to this location.

To destroy the outpost, you’ll have to do a bit more this time. You’ll need to sabotage the RDA gas extraction site by shutting down the seismic towers. Also, you’ll have to close the gas storage pipeline.

The site is filled with RDA forces and AMP suits, so you’ll want to be careful. You can use SID to hack the controls and execute the hacks all at once, but that can be a bit tricky. In case you can’t go unnoticed, we’ve got you covered.

There’s a vent you can sneak in through if you’re careful, but keep an eye out for the turrets.

Make sure to hack and deactivate them when possible.

If you execute a hack on the controls or if you shut off one before the others, the outpost will be on alert and become hostile. Try to avoid this if you want to have a smooth getaway.

The best way to get through if stealth isn’t your forte is to pick off the humans one by one with a bow when they’re far enough away from the others direct line of sight. You can also do this with the AMP suits by firing at the weak points on the back, but take care not to miss.

If you alert the outpost to your presence, all will immediately become hostile and one enemy will call for reinforcements.

Take out the enemy with a bell icon as quickly as possible to prevent reinforcements, otherwise you’ll have 30 seconds before more trouble arrives.

Use your Na’vi senses to find the controls you need and make your way to them. Once you’ve either hacked or activated them, the outpost will be shut down and nature will take its course. You can then go off in search of the swamp hive nectar again.

Where To Find Swamp Hive Nectar

After the RDA outpost is gone, head into the swamp lowlands biome nearby to find a swamp nectar hive. You can find them hanging from branches and roots above you.

Interact with the hive to gather the materials (you’ll only need one), then head continue with your quest.

How To Reach The Glade Of Light

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora following the kinglor queen

Follow your quest marker to the designated location. You’ll know you’re there when you see the mountain covered in trees with white foliage (they look kind of like bioluminescent anemones).

As you follow the path, you’ll come to a small pond with waterfalls. Nefika and Etuwa are waiting for you, and you’ll connect with the kinglor queen. Follow where she guides you to learn what your next goals are.

Your journey with the kinglor queen is fairly straightforward, but it’s easy to get turned around.

The game won’t let you go anywhere you’re not supposed to, so just keep moving forward and look for open areas.

When you come to, Etuwa and Nefika encourage you to make a bond with an ikran, but first you’ll need to connect with Eywa herself to prepare. Do that, and the quest concludes.


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