The Boys’ Levitating Homelander Funko Pop Restocked Ahead Of Season Four

There are a few things a TV show, video game, or movie franchise should be on the look out for should their creators ever seek confirmation that they’ve officially made it. No, I’m not talking about box office revenue and units sold, who cares about that? I am, of course, referring to Lego sets and Funko Pops. If a character you’ve played on-screen has been turned into a Funko Pop! figure, then that means people love it enough to want it in their homes, and Homelander from The Boys, despite being a downright despicable villain, already has a few.



Sales of Homelander Pops likely spiked a few weeks ago when – spoiler alert for anyone not done watching Gen V – the leader of The Seven showed up unexpectedly in the season one finale. If you were trying to get the Levitiating Homelander Funko Pop! though, my personal favorite, then you were likely out of luck. Out of stock for quite a while, the popular Pop! is now confirmed to be getting a restock at Entertainment Earth.


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If you’re a fan of The Boys – and I’m assuming you are otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now – then reading the term Levitating Homelander will immediately conjure up a very specific image in your mind. Homelander with his arms out at his side, palms facing up, feet leaving the floor as he slowly drifts up into the sky. Funko Pops can’t actually levitate, of course, so the figure recreating that moment has a transparent stand to give off the impression Homelander really is levitating.

Levitating Homelander Funko Pop!

Levitating Homelander Funko Pop!

Homelander has quickly become one of the most heinous villains in all superhero media. This Pop! recreates an iconic scene where the leader of The Seven ominously levitated up into the air, looking down on all the people he considers to be below him, so pretty much everyone.

Entertainment Earth revealing plans to restock its Levitating Homelander Pop! is no coincidence. Now the first season of Gen V is in the books, Amazon decided to debut its first trailer for The Boys season four last weekend. No levitating Homelander in there, but the trailer closed with an image of the villain that might become even more iconic once the episode it’s in has aired. Homelander, seemingly in an elevator, absolutely covered in blood, smile on his face, likely coming from doing something horrific.

I’d hazard to guess there will be new additions to The Boys line of Funko Pops once season four has aired. Fresh Loki Pops were waiting to be released as soon as season two came to a close, the Deluxe God Loki Pop! hitting virtual shelves within days of the character’s new look making its debut.


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