Pokemon’s Piplup Squishmallow Is On Sale For Less Than $12

Less than three weeks to go and many of you reading this are likely working through your holiday shopping lists. Or you haven’t started yet and the panic buying starts now. Hey, no judgment here, I’m right there with you. If you’ve been on the hunt for Pokemon Squishmallows, an empty Christmas cart might be through no fault of your own. Some of them are very hard to come by, which is why when one pops up, and for less than $12, you’ll want to grab it while you can.



Walmart currently has Pokemon’s Piplup Squishmallow available for just $11.97. A real-life Pokemon Squishmallow for less than $12. It really must be Christmas. Yes, it’s the ten-inch version, which is the smallest when it comes to Pokemon Squishmallows, but take it from someone who has quite a few of them, going smaller when it comes to Squishmallows is definitely better.

Pokemon Squishmallows come in a variety of different sizes. The 12-inch ones are exclusive to the Pokemon Center while others, bigger and smaller, can be found through other retailers. The only difference between them is the size other than the Pokemon Center Squishmallows which have a badge on the back indicating where they came from.

Piplup’s Squishmallow was added to the Pokemon collection during the second wave, joining Gengar, Togepi, Pikachu, and Snorlax. There are now six Pokemon Squishmallows, but that will soon become eight. Clefairy and Teddiursa were confirmed to be joining the family earlier this year and orders for the 12-inch versions through the Pokemon Center opened last month. Good luck getting your hands on one though, especially this close to the holidays.

Piplup Squishmallow Plush-1

Piplup Squishmallow Plush

$12 $20 Save $8

Joining the Squishmallow club is the adorable penguin Pokemon Piplup! The Sinnoh starter looks absolutely adorable as a Squishmallow, with its round body and shining blue eyes. This little guy will add an icy touch to your Squishmallow collection (though, of course, it’s just as warm and soft to cuddle).

Pokemon Squishmallows were getting restocked semi-regularly up until recently, but the ones that are hardest to come by have remained unavailable for a while. The Gengar one has been sold out for longer than I can remember, and it’s the only one I want that I don’t already have aside from the two new additions. Piplup and Winking Pikachu are the only two that seem to be staying in stock right now, and that’s likely why the penguin Pokemon has been subjected to a price cut at Walmart.

Squishmallows are about a lot more than just Pokemon, of course. There are now Squihsmallow heating pads, perfect for this time of year, and if its food-themed Squishmallows you’re after, we have an entire guide on the ones we believe to be the very best.


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