GameStop Has Rupee Lights On Sale To Go With Your Zelda Christmas Trees

Even though the bulk of the games we play don’t take place during the festive season, it’s nice to think that there are Mushroom Kingdom and Midgar equivalents to Christmas and Hanukkah. Some of the merch connected to our favorite video games certainly suggests they have festive seasons just like us. Whether it’s Kingdom Hearts ornaments, a Mario Christmas tree, or string lights that look like rupees you can adorn your home with for the holidays.



Following on from Mario and Zelda Christmas trees, and then officially licensed Pokemon waffle makers, GameStop has stepped up again with a little more out of the ordinary gaming merch. Rupee string lights modeled after the currency that has been a staple in The Legend of Zelda series since the very first game. Made up of red, blue, and green rupee lights, the decorative item will cost you a lot less than you’d likely have to pay for it in Hyrule.


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Usually $29.99, GameStop’s Zelda string lights are available for less right now, on sale for just $20.99. Perfect timing for the holidays because you should be putting your trees up now and not a second earlier. I’m serious. If you’ve already had your trees up for a month, that’s not okay. I bet you’re already bored of them, aren’t you? On the bright side, you can now get yourself some rupee lights and give your tree a makeover, renewing your interest in it for the final stretch between now and December 25.

The Legend Of Zelda Rupee String Lights

The Legend Of Zelda Rupee String Lights

$21 $30 Save $9

The Legend of Zelda’s rupee string lights lets you decorate your home, inside or out, using currency from Hyrule. Tasked with collecting and spening them througout the series, the string lights include red, blue, and green rupees. No purple or silver ones, they’re not that fancy.

There are ten rupees on the string which is 8.5 feet long, so more than enough to wrap around even the most majestic of Christmas trees. The lights are also safe for use outside the home. That means whether you need something to go around the front door, or you have an elaborate festive village in your front yard that could use a finishing touch, adding rupee lights is the answer. Or you can just grab the Zelda tree also on sale at GameStop and combine the two for the ultimate Hylian Christmas.

The Legend Of Zelda USB Christmas Tree

The Legend Of Zelda USB Christmas Tree

$21 $30 Save $9

Part of Nintendo’s officially licensed collection of Christmas trees, it turns out they do celebrate the festive season in Hyrule after all. A Trifoce at the top and a Hylian Crest underneath, this desktop tree has twinkling lights and needs nothing more than a USB connection to power it.

If your house is now all ready for the holidays with your rupee lights on the way and shopping for gifts is the next order of business, we’ve got you covered there too. Gift guides for the Marvel fans in your life, anyone who owns a Nintendo Switch, and of course, other people you know who love Zelda. With Tears of the Kingdom now behind us and the movie a long way off, we need unique Zelda merch to tide us over.


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