Roger That! merges exploration, adventure, and tycoon gameplay elements to mobile

Roger That! is the latest puzzle game from Belka Games, the studio behind chart-topping titles like Bermuda Adventures, Solitaire Cruise, and Clockmaker. Similarly, Roger That! is a colorful casual affair with an emphasis on slick presentation and accessible gameplay.

The game sees you restoring a tropical paradise to its former glory in the most addictive possible way: by merging stuff. If the merger is successful, you’ll also visit a number of new places. Although being a laidback casual title, Roger That! is committed to keeping you engaged for hours.

Merge, Match and complete Puzzle quests to reveal new lands

Roger That! is similar to other merging titles, so you’ll know roughly what to expect from its core gameplay elements. You will merge the items you previously collected on the location. Next, the items are arranged in an isometric grid, allowing you to evolve similar items into superior ones by sliding them next to one other.

Image via Belka Games

After that, you may merge those superior items together to create even more superior ones, and so on, until you’re staring at the spectacle of a screen full of the maximally superior stuff. There are a lot of items to merge in Roger That!, allowing you to renovate buildings, more spectacular foodstuffs, and more.

Meanwhile, Completing Quests grants you access to additional places to explore, renovate, and merge! Your final goal is to reconstruct the Treasure Island’s abandoned capital and transform the surrounding area into the most spectacular archipelago conceivable.

Image via Belka Games

Roger That! also includes a gripping, twisty turny story and a cast of colourful characters, rounding out one of the month’s most promising casual gaming prospects. Players can now download Roger That! on Android, iOS, and Microsoft Store platforms worldwide from just click here. The game also has its official Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages. 

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