Best Video Game Cookbooks Of 2023

Video games and food and drink go together a lot better than you might think, and I’m not just talking about Doritos and Mountain Dew. Cooking food is an integral part of a lot of games, and not just the ones where food prep is its core mechanic like Cooking Mama and Overcooked. Gathering ingredients and learning recipes to best prepare what lies ahead for Link is a huge part of Tears of the Kingdom, and if you don’t have your Sims feed themselves in The Sims well, they’re not going to last very long.



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Food’s connection with the gaming world can extend beyond just preparing it in the games themselves. For as long as there has been food and drink in games, players have been whipping up dishes inspired by their experiences and even attempting to replicate some of the recipes their characters have eaten in-game. That has resulted in a slew of video game cookbooks hitting the market over the years, and there are a lot of great, well-written ones out there teeming with delicious recipes. I’ve picked a few of the best gaming cookbooks available right now, pulling from all four corners of the video game world.

Best Video Game Cookbooks

Dragon Age: The Official Cookbook: Taste Of Thedas

Dragon Age: The Official Cookbook: Taste Of Thedas

Dragon Age

Is Dragon-Aged Beef In Here?

The Dragon Age trilogy is an immersive fantasy series, but one thing the games can’t do is let you taste what life in Thedas is like. Until now. Dragon Age now has an official cookbook, and its pages are filled with 60 different recipes inspired by the three games in the series so far.


  • One of a few games where I want to try the food I’ve seen in the series
  • Feels like a book that can and will be built upon

  • That can only happen if we get Dreadwolf. Where is Dreadwolf!?

Anything to distract us Dragon Age fans from the wait between Inquisition and Dreadwolf is incredibly welcome, and while a cookbook isn’t something I had on that particular bingo card, I will absolutely take it. Not only because I’m eager to find out what the original trilogy tastes like, but with more than 60 recipes to work though, I hope that by the time I’m done, Dreadwolf will be here. It has to be right? Right?!

Diablo: The Official Cookbook: Recipes And Tales From The Inns Of Sanctuary

Diablo: The Official Cookbook: Recipes And Tales From The Inns Of Sanctuary


Recipes To Die For

With four games to pull from, even though food isn’t a central theme, the official Diablo cookbook includes more than 60 recipes inspired by the series. The book includes recipes for everyone, regardless of skill level.


  • Good food considering the backdrop it’s inspired by
  • A lot of content to pull from, even if most of it isn’t food-based

  • Reminder that it’ll be a while until we get more Diablo

Diablo 4 has been criminally overlooked in 2023 as one of the busiest and best years for video game releases comes to an end. Whether you’re done with the latest installment in the Diablo series and want to continue your adventure or you’re still playing and you’re looking for more ways to fill your life with Diablo, picking up this cookbook would be a wise choice. Food is probably the last thing on your mind when slaying demons in Diablo 4, but that means you’ll be especially hungry once you’re done and will now have a cookbook to turn to for ideas on what to eat.

Magic: The Gathering: The Official Cookbook: Cuisines of the Multiverse

Magic: The Gathering: The Official Cookbook: Cuisines of the Multiverse

Magic The Gathering

Tabletop Cuisine For Your Tabletop Game

Packed with 70 recipes, Magic The Gathering’s Cuisines of the Multiverse cookbook pulls recipes from every corner of the TCG. An officially licensed product and includes recipes for everyone from inexperienced cooks to self-affirmed chefs.


  • Plenty of recipes perfect for small MTG gatherings
  • Tabletop foods for a tabletop games

  • Do not handle your cards before washing your hands after preparing and eating these recipes

A multiverse as extensive and far-reaching as Magic: The Gathering, even though food isn’t at the center of it all that often, there’s an almost bottomless well of inspiration from which to pull inspiration for enough recipes to comfortably fill a cookbook. If you’ve worked up an appetite opening packs or beating your buddies time and time again, now there’s a cookbook perfect for you to go to and whip something up. Filled with recipes for amateurs and seasoned pros and everyone in between, you can now replace the cards on your tabletop with recipes inspired by them.

Apex Legends: The Official Cookbook

Apex Legends: The Official Cookbook

Apex Legends

Enough To Feed The Whole Squad

Potentially the first battle royale game to get an official cookbook, the authors do well to pull enough recipes to fill its pages from a game that doesn’t really have much to do with food at all. It’s a pretty great cookbook too. My compliments to the author.


  • Impressive number of recipes from a game without food
  • First BR game that I know of with its own official cookbook

  • Every single recipe should serve three, in my opinion

my pokemon baking book cookbook cover

My Pokemon Baking Book


Knead That Fidough

My Pokemon Baking Book is an official cookbook filled with recipes inspired by the wide world of Pokemon. Published by Insight Editions and a follow-up to My Pokemon Cookbook which includes more general recipes.


  • Every recipe is recommended by a different Pokemon
  • All recipes have a difficulty level attached
  • Split into Pokemon regions

  • Certain recipes don’t really match their difficulty level

Pokemon already has its own official cookbook, but its world continues to expand at such a rate that it now has its own baking book too. Filled with sweet treats, and a few savory ones too, each of My Pokemon Baking Book’s recipes is inspired by a different ‘mon. From Igglybuff cupcakes to Mudbray’s mud pie, the book quite literally takes you on a journey through all of Pokemon’s regions. Starting in Kanto and ending in Paldea, as well as sorting them by region, each recipe has a difficulty rating attached. The higher the rating, the harder the author believes a particular product is to make. I’d recommend also judging them for yourselves before diving in as a few of the ratings seem a little misjudged, although most of them are spot on.

the official halo cookbook

Halo: The Official Cookbook


Is That Your Stomach I Can Hear, Spartan?

Halo’s official cookbook is filled with recipes inspired by Xbox’s flagship series. In it you’ll find food used to fill the stomachs of hungry Spartans along with various dishes prepared in outlets you may well have happened upon while playing the games.


  • Eat the official Master Chief diet
  • Filled with Halo lore

  • Some of the Halo connections are pretty weak
  • Halo isn’t a series that typically makes me think of food

While Pokemon may well be a series that makes you think of food, Halo probably isn’t. That makes its official cookbook, which is actually pretty great, all the more impressive. That the authors have managed to fill its pages with recipes pulled from and inspired by a series that revolves around firing Needlers and driving Warthogs. I use a lot of cookbooks, moving between them pretty regularly, and a year after picking up this Halo one, it remains in my rotation. Some of the recipes are pretty basic as you can tell gathering up enough ideas must have been pretty tricky, but there are others that I’ve returned to time and time again, like the chicken satay and hot chocolate. Seriously, when you get this book, start with the hot chocolate. Thank me later.

stardew valley cover art

The Official Stardew Valley Cookbook

Stardew Valley

Make Your Fictional Grandad Proud

Stardew Valley is a game built on farming and foraging, so a cookbook based on recipes inspired by its world makes a lot of sense. Launching in April 2024 and available to pre-order right now.


  • A cookbook based on a farming game just makes sense
  • From virtual farm to real table
  • Kindle version also available

Stardew Valley is a game built on foraging for food and tending to your farm. Outside of a cooking sim, there might well be no game more suited to having a cookbook than this one. Stardew Valley’s official cookbook even cycles through the seasons, a core mechanic of the game. Its pages are filled with recipes inspired by the game and suitable for various times of the year. That means, if you really wanted to, you could gradually cook your way through it, making its recipes last an entire year. Or you can speed through it and try everything. Hey, if you want to make a heavy stew designed to keep you warm in the middle of winter at the height of summer, I’m not going to stop you.

God of War Cookbook Cover

God of War: The Official Cookbook

God Of War

Gods Gotta Eat Too

God of War: The Official Cookbook explores the nine realms through food inspired by the games, with over 60 recipes for you to cook.


  • Recipes inspired by all nine realms
  • Filled with hearty meals fit for a god
  • Very reasonable price for the content you get

  • Some recipes require exotic ingredients you’ll need to replace

The God of War games let you fight like a god, but there aren’t very many opportunities to eat like one. Yes, in Ragnarok you do get to refuel at Sindri’s house pretty regularly, but eating food in a game doesn’t compare to actually eating the food inspired by it. The official God of War cookbook literally takes you on a tasting tour of the nine realms. Written from the perspective of Tyr, the other God of War regales you with tales of his travels, remembering all of the delicious food and drink he has tried along the way. He then passes the recipes for those culinary delights onto you. Some of them include rare and exotic ingredients, so you’ll either need to go on a Kratos and Atreus-style quest to find them, or simply replace them with something similar. I’d personally trade in the quail required in one of the recipes for chicken, but maybe that’s just me.

sonic the hedgehog the official cookbook

Sonic The Hedgehog: The Official Cookbook

Sonic The Hedgehog

Did Someone Say Chilli Dogs?

Sonic the Hedgehog’s official cookbook is packed with more than 50 recipes inspired by the blue blur’s various games that will give you the energy to go fast. From chili dogs to just about every ring-shaped foodstuff you can think of.


  • Plenty of recipes packed with energy to help you go fast
  • Every recipe has a speed rating as well as a difficulty one
  • Chili dog recipe is the perfect one, apparently

  • Chapters the book is broken down into aren’t all that imaginative

Sonic is always going so fast that he barely ever stops to do anything, even eat. The world’s most famous hedgehog is well known for his love of chili dogs though, and there’s a recipe for what Sonic claims to be the perfect one in the pages of his official cookbook. There are also recipes for plenty of ring-shaped foods too. Doughnuts, onion rings… there are other ring-shaped foods, right? Anyway, this cookbook has a lot of food and drinks to work your way through. More than 50 of them in fact, and speed ratings on each one will help you gauge just how long it’ll take you to get through all of them. Don’t rush, but if you are keen to make something but don’t have much time, those speed ratings are incredibly handy.

the ultimate gamers cookbook

The Ultimate Gamers Cookbook: Recipes For An Epic Game Night

General Gaming

Non-Ultimate Gamers Also Welcome

The Ultimate Gamers Cookbook doesn’t pull recipes from a particular game. It’s filled with recipes perfect to make for yourself and your friends whenever you’re next hosting game night, and each of them has an amusing name to make sure it stays connected to the video game world. More than 50 recipes are included that vary in difficulty and prep time.


  • All of the perfect gamer foods for your next game night
  • Lots of recipes ranging from simple to make to slightly more complex

  • Requires a day in the kitchen before your gamer buddies come over
  • Some of the puns might make you slam the book shut

Not all video game cookbooks have to be about recipes inspired by specific video games. Some of the food and drink commonly associated with gaming relate to what’s fun and easy to eat when you’re in the heat of battle or playing for hours on end with friends. The Ultimate Gamers Cookbook is perfect for those scenarios. No baking a ginger loaf recommended by Fuecoco or encouraging your friends who don’t like Sonic nearly as much as you do to collect as many onion rings as they can. Just simple recipes to knock up to eat while you play. There are some elaborate ones in there too if you’re trying to impress your gamer friends. Recommended if you’re going to spend the rest of your day being beaten in FIFA and Smash.


Is There A Genshin Impact Cookbook?

Yes, there is a Genshin Impact cookbook, but unlike the cookbooks included in the guide, it isn’t an officially licensed one. It’s still a pretty great cookbook clearly written by people who know the game though, and it might well get an official version in the future.

What Do People Eat While Gaming?

Salty snacks are the preferred food of choice by gamers. Items that can be eaten without making too much mess and without distracting you from your game. Soft drinks, particularly energy drinks, are usually the chosen beverage pairing, but perhaps that will change if you pick up one or two of the cookbooks above.

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