Pokemon Center’s Squirtle Promo Card Appearing In Carts With Eligible Items

Pokemon continues to endure the test of time, and the franchise having its hands in so many cookie jars plays a huge part in that. Video games, TV shows, toys, and trading cards, Pokemon is everywhere and has been for more than 25 years. Trading cards, in particular, really whip Pokemon fans into a frenzy more than anything else the series has to offer. Release a new set, people will buy it. Give a limited edition card away for free, people will do pretty much whatever you ask of them to get their hands on them.



Lucky for Pokemon fans, getting a free promo card usually involves little more than showing up somewhere or buying something from the Pokemon Center. The most recent example of that was a Squirtle promo card, only given to people buying the Scarlet & Violet 151 Ultra-Premium Collection. Naturally stock of the card sold out pretty quickly, but it seems there may well be a few left over.

Pointed out by PokemonTCGDrops, Pokemon Center customers were seeing the Squirtle card show up in their carts when trying to buy the Mew Ultimate-Premium Collection as recently as Wednesday evening. Simply add the collection to your cart and the card should be added automatically, provided there are still some left in stock by the time you see this. The link below will take you to the Ultimate Premium Collection’s Pokemon Center store page.

Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet-151 Ultra-Premium Collection

Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet-151 Ultra-Premium Collection

The Pokemon TCG’s Ultimate Premium Collection includes a lot of stuff from the Scarlet & Violet 151 expansion. 16 booster packs, a deck box, and a playmat included alongside foil promo and metal cards depicting the Pokemon on the box.

If you are lucky enough to land yourself one of the Squirtle cards, you may be able to get most of the money back for your Ultimate Premium Collection if you don’t want to keep the freebie. Wargamer reported last week that the promo card has been selling for as much as $100, clearly being bought by collectors who believed they wouldn’t have another chance to get it for free after it was out of stock the first time.

Pokemon continues to run promo card promotions despite what happened at the Van Gogh Museum. The museum in Amsterdam was mobbed by Pokemon fans desperate to get their hands on the limited edition Pikachu card launched as part of the Van Gogh Collection. You can also get Pikachu and Eevee cards right now by visiting pop-ups appearing in cities across Europe between now and Christmas.


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