How To Get Clan Favor In Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora

During your time playing Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora, you’ll encounter a wealth of information about its open world and various game mechanics. From crafting your gear to preparing meals, there’s a lot to absorb. One of the novel features introduced in the game is known as Clan Favor.




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You may have noticed those baskets in every Na’vi camp you’ve visited, sparking your curiosity about how they function. Fortunately, This guide will help you understand everything about it, from completing tasks related to those baskets to obtaining and using Clan Favor to aid you in your quest to save Pandora and battle against the RDA.

How To Earn Clan Favor

Player standing next to a community basket Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

One way to earn Clan Favor is by contributing to a community basket in Na’vi camps. These baskets are usually located near cooking stations or crafting tables and are easily recognizable as hanging baskets.

When you interact with a community basket for the first time, a pop-up menu called New Clan Contribution will appear. It displays the specific item required for that basket. Once identified, the contribution task is added as a side quest in your quest menu.

Menu showing the clan community basket requirement Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

If you already possess the required item, a blue icon will appear on top of it.

When you contribute this item, you’ll earn some Clan Favor.

Various camps will request different items for contribution, ranging from cooking ingredients to meals and gear.

If your contribution involves a meal or gear item, you’ll automatically acquire its recipe or designs for crafting. However, you’ll still need to gather the necessary materials.

Menu from the hunter's guide showing information about an item Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

If you lack the item needed, you can always check the Hunter’s Guide in the menu to learn where to find that specific material.

From that menu, you can also pin the item, allowing you to highlight it using your Na’vi Senses when you come across it.

Complete Side Quests

Player just completed a side quest Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Another method to earn Clan Favor is by completing side quests from NPCs. These quests can be found in various camps, and you can identify them by spotting a blue dot on the NPC, who will typically call out to you. When this occurs, interact with them, and they will assign you side tasks.

Completing these side quests is not only rewarding in terms of gear and skill points but also grants you Clan Favor.

It appears that Na’vi side quests provide more Clan Favor compared to human quests.

Take Down RDA Facilities

Player using his na'vi senses to highlight enemies in an RDA base Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

A third method to gain Clan Favor is by taking down RDA facilities. As you explore Pandora, you’ll notice certain areas are polluted, indicating the presence of an RDA facility nearby; whether it’s a base or a mining drill site.

Eliminating these facilities not only helps reduce pollution levels on Pandora and revive plant life around it, but also earns you Clan Favor.

How To Use Clan Favor

Character menu showing the Clan Favor meter on the left side of the screen Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Now that you’ve gathered some Clan Favor, it makes sense to spend it on some goodies. But before that, if you want to keep track of it, open your character menu and look to the left of the screen, where you’ll find a spiral. If you have Clan Favor, the spiral meter will be blue.

To spend Clan Favor, interact with Na’vi merchants, similar to the ones in Aranahe Clan Home. They offer various items such as designs, gear, weapons, and mods.

Player interacting with a na'vi merchant Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Each item comes with a different Clan Favor cost, which you can see in the merchant menu on the lower right side. The meter will turn purple to indicate the amount of Clan Favor required per item.

It’s crucial to note that if you’ve reached the maximum limit, you’ll need to spend some because you can’t accumulate more.


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