How To Destroy RDA Outposts In Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora

In Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora, the RDA makes a mess of the planet. With pollution ruining the landscape, it’s up to you and the Resistance to stop further harm to the ecosystem, which means taking down different mining and extraction operations that take place across the continent.




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There are many ways to infiltrate RDA outposts, regardless of where they’re located. Taking the best approach depends on what your skills are, how you like to play, and how much of a fight you want. Thankfully, we’ve come up with a few tips that can help you get in and out of the RDA outposts in one piece.

Survey The Area

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora surveying a mining facility

There’s no need to rush when you’re infiltrating the RDA. Take your time and do your best to stay out of sight. Use your Na’vi senses to see where the controls are, mark your enemies, and identify weak points.

Whether you stay outside or slowly work your way in, don’t try to run in guns-blazing, as you’re likely to get overwhelmed by the AMP suits and turrets.

Instead, take it slow and pick off enemies one at a time as you’re able to. Make sure they’re out of their allies’ line of sight so that the alarm isn’t raised. This will make it easier to move around the outpost without getting caught.

You’ll get more rewards if you handle things quietly and don’t raise the alarm! This doesn’t mean you can’t use violence, but be discreet.

Hack The Controls

Once you set off the controls, either by flipping a switch or turning a wheel, the entire outpost will be on high alert. This makes enemies instantly hostile, which can be a big problem if you’ve only just started sabotaging the outpost.

Rather than alert the base right away, you can use SID to hack the controls. When prompted to either execute or hold the hack, opt to hold it. This stores it to be used later, making it a perfect way to bring the outpost down all at once.

You can also hack AMP suits, though the rider will become immediately suspicious.

You can store these hacks as well, however, and activate them all at once if you get caught to aid your escape.

Continue to move around the outpost to get to all the controls, hack them, and then set them all off at once. Your enemies won’t have a chance to retaliate.

You’ll have to follow the power lines with SID to find the controls, which may bring you across the paths of multiple enemies. EIther silence them quickly or wait for them to pass before proceeding.

Deactivate The Turrets

Those pesky turrets will take you out quickly. Thankfully, they won’t raise the alarm, but you’ll have to deal with them one way or another. While you can focus on their weak points, the best thing to do is deactivate them entirely.

Using SID, get in range of the turrets’ computer system and hack it. Execute the hack immediately to deactivate the turret. No one will notice and you can move about without worrying about being targeted by them.

Silence The Alarm

Once you’re caught, one of the RDA enemies will raise the alarm and call for reinforcements. You’ll want to eliminate them immediately–once the alarm is sounded, you’ll have 30 seconds to act before reinforcements arrive at the outpost.

While you’ll still receive rewards for clearing the facility, you’ll hear comments about how the RDA had time to pack up and not much is left.

You’ll receive less rewards than you would if the alarm was silenced, so be vigilant.

Fight Another Day

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora reclaiming a mining facility

If you’re overwhelmed, there’s nothing wrong with retreating. The Na’vi avoid unnecessary fights, and if you’re outmatched or need to get more supplies, you can always come back later.

You can either fully retreat or hide just out of sight until your health recovers and your enemies are no longer hostile. This will buy you time to plan and regroup for a second (or third) attempt.

You’re on your own when you take on an RDA facility, so there’s no backup for you. It’s okay to retreat and come back with more ammo and food to keep yourself in top form while infiltrating the mining and extraction facilities.

Remember: Siva ko! Rise to the challenge and save Pandora from the RDA.


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