Combat Tips For Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora

As you dive into Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora, you might notice some similarities to the Far Cry series, especially in aspects like gathering materials, crafting equipment, and facing enemy challenges. The game offers a rich experience with plenty of exploration, but inevitably, you’ll encounter the RDA during your journey.




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Whether they’re wandering in the open world or have a base nearby, the game provides various approaches to combat. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to offer tips on effectively dealing with the RDA and sharpening your combat skills.

Keep Ammunition And Health In Stock

Player standing next to an Ammo Cabinet Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Before you try to infiltrate into an RDA base, make sure you’re ready and have plenty of ammo to handle them. It’s important to have enough arrows and crafting them for your bow is simple; you can gather sticks from almost anywhere in the game.

Just be sure to craft all the arrows you can and keep extra sticks on hand to make more.

On top of that, you’ll also need other weapons like guns, and you can get their ammo from Ammo Cabinets. The first one you can use is inside the Resistance Headquarters on the left side, and you can always return there to refill your gun ammo.

So, before you take on an RDA base, double-check that your ammunition is fully stocked.

A picture showing the Food wheel Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

The same rule applies to health, and it’s essential to have various options for healing, including raw ingredients, meals, and Dapophet Pods. This ensures you always have a way to heal when things get chaotic.

Inside any RDA base, you’ll typically find an Ammo Cabinet and supply boxes to restock your ammunition, so remember that too.

Get The Shotgun As Soon As Possible

Player aiming with his shotgun on an AMP suit enemy Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

While you’ll have both your bow and an assault rifle early on to handle the RDA, it’s wise to grab a more potent weapon for the tech machines in their base, like the shotgun. Although you’ll encounter a shotgun later in the game, you can snag one early after you get your SID hacking tool.

Head back to the Fueling Station southeast of the Resistance Headquarters, and you’ll find a yellow supply box accessible with your SID. This gives you early access to the shotgun that will provide an advantage in combat.

Na’vi Senses In Combat

Player using his na'vi senses to highlight enemies in an RDA base Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Na’vi Senses will likely become your best ally as you navigate through the game. Not only can they help you spot nearby items, but you can also use them to tag enemies and locate supply boxes for ammunition in a base. So, before you charge into an RDA base, it’s crucial to avoid surprises from unseen enemies.

Upon reaching a base, activate your senses and tag all nearby enemies. This allows you to plan a strategic approach and identify the location of any supply boxes for ammunition.

This simple step can significantly ease and enhance your infiltration mission on any base.

Speaking of Na’vi Senses, you can also use them to identify weakspots on enemies, particularly the AMP tech machines, which appear as yellow parts. Take advantage of this feature, as targeting these weakspots will inflict additional damage on enemies.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Stun Grenades

Player is about to pick up stun grenades Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Stun grenades are a very useful tool that shouldn’t be underestimated. While it may seem like they don’t do much, they can be a lifesaver in challenging situations.

They live up to their name by temporarily incapacitating enemies, making them vulnerable for a brief period. This can be approached in two ways.

Just like with ammunition, you can always replenish your stun grenades at the Ammo Cabinets, and the most accessible one is located in the Resistance Headquarters.

Player throwing a stun grenade on an AMP suit enemy Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Firstly, you can use them defensively. If you need to retreat to recover health, reload your weapons, or simply take a moment in the midst of chaos, stun grenades can provide the needed breathing space.

On the offensive side, capitalize on this moment of immobility to deal more damage to enemies or target their weak spots.

Regarding AMP suits, if you have the Eject Ancestor skill, you can pull the RDA enemy out of the AMP suit when they are stunned.

If It’s Red, It Explodes

Player aiming at an explosive barrel Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

You can choose to confront enemies face to face and shoot them with your weapons, but dealing with tougher tech machines often requires more ammunition. To conserve ammo and approach the RDA effectively, consider using your surroundings to your advantage.

RDA bases typically have explosive barrels scattered around, easily identifiable by their red color. If you see a tech machine near one of these barrels, wait until it gets close, then shoot the barrel. This tactic almost always takes down the enemy.

Remember, using this method will alert the base, leading to more RDA enemies coming after you, so use it wisely.

Stealth Is Always An Option, And It’s Rewarding

Player is aiming with his bow at an enemy Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

While a run-and-gun approach might be appealing in RDA bases, stealth can be just as effective, though it demands more patience, skill, and understanding of how it works. After scanning and tagging nearby enemies, you’ll have a strategic plan for the base.

Stick to higher platforms and handle basic enemies with your bow for a quick and quiet takedown. However, tech machines, known as AMP, can’t be brought down with a single arrow.

This is where your SID hacking tool proves invaluable for a stealthy approach.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Hacking Controls

The SID gun can effectively hack turrets and AMP enemies, which they can be bothersome to deal with, so be sure to use it when opting for stealth.

The primary objective in the base is marked by multiple points that require interaction. For a stealthy approach, use your SID on them instead of direct interaction, as doing so silently avoids alerting the base, especially during sabotage.

This keeps things quiet, but remember, there’s a brief hacking puzzle to complete, so you want to make sure that you’re in the clear, as any enemy spotting it will jeopardize your chances of a successful stealth approach.

Completing an RDA base with a stealth approach yields more rewards than a run-and-gun approach.

Come Back Later

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora reclaiming a mining facility

Many bases you encounter during your journey in the game will likely be of a higher level than your current one, which is normal for an open-world game. When facing a high-level base, it’s advisable to wait until you acquire better equipment that matches the base’s level before infiltrating it. This precaution is crucial as enemies in higher-level bases hit harder and are more challenging to defeat.

Fortunately, as soon as you reach a base, it is promptly marked on your map. You can check the level information from the map to determine when it’s the right time to tackle it.

While it’s generally fine to attempt a base that is one or two levels higher with the appropriate equipment, if the level difference is more significant, it’s better to prepare thoroughly before venturing there.

Bring A Friend

Player standing next to another na'vi Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

There’s nothing better than tackling an RDA base with a friend. It allows both of you to approach the base effectively, covering more areas than you would alone. This feature works well for both stealth and offensive approaches, as you can work together to defeat enemies, with each focusing on an objective marker to disable the base.

If you have a friend who enjoys the game, consider inviting them to your session when you’re struggling with a base. Their help can make a significant difference.


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