Sora’s Smash Ultimate Amiibo Has A Release Date

Nintendo didn’t do much right with the Wii U, but it is the console on which amiibos made their debut. As much as the Switch will forever overshadow the failure that came before it, the Wii U will always have that, at least. Sticking with amiibos on the 3DS and the Switch, those of us who collect and use them are now waiting with bated breath to find out if whatever comes next will have amiibo compatibility too. If it doesn’t, Sora’s Smash Ultimate amiibo might be the last one we ever get.



Nintendo confirmed Sora will be getting his own figure earlier this year, ending fears that the Kingdom Hearts protagonist might not get an amiibo due to the licensing issue that likely needed to be hammered out between Nintendo, Disney, and Square Enix to make it happen. Whatever conversations needed to happen went well as not only is Sora officially getting an amiibo, we now know exactly when that amiibo will be here.


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Given a very vague 2024 release date up until now, the only thing we could assume was Sora’s figure likely wouldn’t arrive until after January so its arrival doesn’t clash with the Switch’s penultimate ammibos, Noah and Mio from Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Turns out we were right to assume that. Nintendo has revealed Sora’s amiibo will be released on February 16, 2024. Also showing the figure off more than it has done before, posting a short clip of the amiibo spinning on a rotating platform, the date is the only additional detail Nintendo has offered up, for now.

Sora’s amiibo has the hero with his iconic keyblade over his shoulder, complete with a little Mickey Mouse charm hanging from it. Have to imagine even a detail as small as that was something that needed to be dissected and discussed beyond belief when making this happen. Had it not happened, Smash amiibo collectors would have been left one figure short of completing their collections for the rest of time. Sora was the last fighter to be added to the Ultimate roster, and he will be the last character to get an amiibo.

The addition of Sora means there will be 95 Smash Ultimate amiibos in total, the number bumped up slightly by characters such as Cloud and Bayonetta who have two figures each. We have a guide on all of the best Smash amiibos right now for anyone who just wants a few and doesn’t want to collect almost 100 of them. We’ve also got guides on the very best Splatoon and Legend of Zelda amiibos, both series getting new additions recently.


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