Disney Lorcana Goes Back To The ’90s For Its Third Set, Into The Inklands

Ravensburger has announced that Disney Lorcana will be going back to the ’90s and introducing a whole new card type in its next set, Into the Inklands.



On top of debuting the new Location card type, Into the Inklands will also mark the first time characters from outside Walt Disney Animation Studios’ work will appear in the game, with Disney Afternoon cartoons DuckTales and TailSpin confirmed to be putting in an appearance.

This set continues the story of Lorcana, taking us beyond the walls of the Great Illuminary and into the surrounding Inklands. It looks like this set is going to be playing up themes of adventure and globetrotting, as you can see on cards like Minnie Mouse, Funky Spelunker and Piglet, Pooh Pirate Captain.

After accidentally unleashing a flood of mixed ink, that scattered precious lore throughout the realm, Illumineers are now tasked with finding the lore and returning it to the Hall of Lorcana. However, their quest may be more treacherous than they realize, as an ominous shadow storm has been spotted gathering at the edges of Lorcana, adding urgency and mystery to the path ahead.

Exploring the world and visiting new locations also gives us Lorcana’s first new card type since The First Chapter, with Locations. At the moment, two Locations have been revealed, with Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent’s Castle and at least one card based on Moana’s home of Motonui.

Forbidden Mountain

Ravensburger states that each will work differently, with some giving you bonuses just for being play, while others will need you to have your characters move to them. Some Characters will also play off of Locations, like Peter Pan, Lost Boy Leader to generate extra lore. Locations even have their own Lore Values, but we don’t yet know if this means they can quest on their own, or just augment how Characters on them do it instead.

Lorcana Inklands First Cards

Of course, one of the most exciting things about any new Lorcana set is the reveal of what characters we’ll be seeing in it. In a statement, Ravensburger revealed that, alongside returning faces like Pongo, Moana, Stitch, Robin Hood, and Jafar, we’ll be getting more characters from Treasure Planet, 101 Dalmatians, and Pluto finally makes an appearance.

As mentioned, Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales and Kit Cloudkicker from TailSpin will also get cards, which, not being from Disney movies, blows the possibilities for what could be in Lorcana wide open.

Strange World would be an awesome fit for the theme of Into the Inklands.

Inklands Products

Into the Inklands will be launching with an almost identical product lineup to Rise of the Floodborn, with:

  • Two starter decks; one Amber/Emerald, and one Ruby/Sapphire ($16.99).
  • Two deck boxes and two sleeves, both with Robin Hood and Scrooge McDuck (Deck boxes $5.99, sleeves $9.99).
  • Two playmats, one with Moana on Motonui, and the other with Stitch in space armour ($19.99).
  • Portfolio folders ($19.99).
  • An Illumineer’s Trove ($49.99)
  • Gift Set ($29.99)

Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands will be launching on February 23, 2024 in local game stores, ahead of a big-box retail release on March 8, 2024.


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