How To Find Out A Sim’s ID In The Sims 4

If you’ve landed here, it’s likely that you’ve just found the perfect cheat for The Sims 4… only to find you’ll need something called a “Sim ID” in order to use it. What the heck is a SIM ID anyway? Well, simply put, a Sim ID is a unique combination of numbers used behind the scenes to identify a particular Sim.




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Although most cheats use a Sim’s first and last name, other cheats require Sim IDs to specify which Sim you’re trying to impact. Have no fear! We’ve got a quick and easy way to find your SIM ID number.

How To Find A Sim ID

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert coder to find a Sim ID! By using a simple cheat, finding a Sim’s ID number is a breeze. Then, you can use that ID number in all kinds of fun and helpful cheats!

Follow these simple steps to find your SIM ID:

  1. First, you’ll need to open the cheat box. If you’re on a PC, type Ctrl+Shift+C at once. On Mac, press Command+Shift+C simultaneously. If using a console, press the bumper buttons at the same time.
  2. Type “testing cheats true” and hit enter into the cheat box. This will enable cheats in your game.
  3. To retrieve the ID, type “sims.get_sim_id_by_name (First Name) (Last Name)” and hit enter. As shown in the video above, we typed “sims.get_sim_id_by_name Evelyn Mancini” to retrieve the ID for a Sim named Evelyn Mancini.
  4. Look in the cheat box, where you will find the ID for the Sim you specified.

Copy this code and paste it somewhere convenient, like your Sticky Notes or browser. Once you’ve typed in your desired cheat, you can simply paste the Sim ID into the cheat box. Voila! You’ve successfully retrieved and used a Sim ID.

Cheats That Need A Sim ID

An androgynous Sim sits at a computer in a pink room. They are playing Sims Forever as one of their Sims tries to put out a fire.

Now that you’ve collected your SIM ID number, it’s time to test out your new skill. Try using a Sim ID in any of these awesome cheats.

Destroy Any Relationship

Need to make an enemy fast? Use this relationship destroyer cheat! Soon, you’ll have all the nemeses you want.

  • “relationship.destroy (firstsimID) (secondsimID)”

Get A Sim Pregnant With Multiple Babies

This cheat is a very popular one among players thanks to its ability to produce multiples. If you’re desperate for twins, triplets, hey, even octuplets, this is the cheat for you.

  • “pregnancy.force_offspring_count (simID) (number of babies)”

Add A Random Sim To Your Household Cheat

Who doesn’t want a stranger in their household? Add any rando into your Sim’s family by using this cheat.

  • “relationship.add_bit (yoursimID) (targetsimID) (relationshipBit)”
  • Use the following codes in the “(relationshipBit)” portion of the cheat to determine their relationship to the Sim in your household: romantic-Married, family_husband_wife, family_grandchild, family_son_daughter, family_brother_sister, family_grandparent, or family_parent


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