How To Unlock Jack Skellington From The Nightmare Before Christmas In Disney Dreamlight Valley

The major appeal to Disney Dreamlight Valley is getting to unlock more characters from your favorite movies. Once unlocked, you can bring the characters to your village, move them around as you like, and befriend them for unique rewards based on their movie. There are both free characters and ones accessed through expansion packs, but they are all different and add more adventure to the valley!




Disney Dreamlight Valley: Beast Character Guide

From his castle to the dream valley, here’s how to unlock and befriend Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Jack Skellington is part of a free content update, and you can unlock him quickly as you explore the valley. You’ll have to search around to help bring him to your village, but once he arrives, the fun can begin.

How To Unlock Jack Skellington

Welcoming Jack Skellington Disney Dreamlight Valley

Jack Skellington is a free content character, so you don’t need to purchase anything to access him. Similar to how Mirabel is welcomed to the valley, you’ll only begin the process once you find an item in the valley.

You’ll know you’re on the right track when you find a doll and the quest Something Comes A’Knocking begins.

Something Comes A’Knocking Quest Walkthrough

As you explore the village you’ll come across Matryoshka dolls. Upon finding one, speak to Merlin about your discovery. He’ll tell you that there’s a surge of magic in the Forgotten Lands, and these dolls are likely connected.

You’ll have to find four dolls total to move forward with the quest:

  • Big Matryoshka Doll
  • Medium-Sized Matryoshka Doll
  • Small Matryoshka Doll
  • Tiny Matryoshka Doll

You can find them scattered around the village. While the locations seem to be random, we found ours in the Sunlit Plateau, Plaza, and Forest of Valor.

Once you’ve found all four dolls, head to the Forgotten Lands and search for a peculiar tree. This tree will be a yellow-brown color and have a pumpkin carved into it. Interact with it and place the dolls one by one to restore the tree.

Once the tree is restored, Jack is welcomed to your valley. Take a commemorative photo and build his house to make it official! Jack’s home costs 5,000 star coins to build, and you can do so with the Scrooge McDuck sign.

How To Unlock More Of Jack Skellington’s Quests

Giving Jack Gifts Disney Dreamlight Valley

To build your friendship with the Pumpkin King, you’ll have to spend time with him. You can give him gifts every day and hangout with him to increase your friendship more. Daily discussions are also a great way to boost your friendship and learn more about your new friend.

Giving Jack a role to fulfill will help you get more done around the valley and build friendship simultaneously. If you have a pumpkin farm, assigning him the gardening role can be a great way to help earn more money and deepen your relationship with the Pumpkin King. You’ll earn more points by watering your crops and harvesting them as well.

Jack Skellington’s Friendship Rewards

Jack Skellington Friendship Rewards Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you become better friends, you’ll earn rewards with each level. The rewards can vary from furniture to motifs and outfits. Here are the rewards you can earn from your friendship with Jack Skellington:


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