Best Bluey Gifts For Fans Of All Ages

In case you haven’t noticed, Bluey is quickly taking over the world. Certainly not a first when it comes to a TV show primarily aimed at kids. I lived through everyone – myself included – being obsessed with Power Rangers, and I continue to collect and play anything officially licensed by Pokemon. Bluey is a little different, though. It’s a TV show aimed at kids much younger than the target audiences of Power Rangers and Pokemon, yet it has managed to capture the attention of children much older and has even hooked in adults too.



Odds are whether you have kids in your life who love Bluey or you want some merch spun from the show for yourself, you’ll need to buy a Bluey gift or two this holiday season. Ludo, the Australian studio behind Bluey, is well aware of that. There’s a lot of Bluey merch out there for people of all ages, so tracking down the perfect gift in a sea of options can be a little tricky. We’ve tried to make the search a little easier on you by gathering what we believe to be some of the best Bluey gift options out there right now, all of which are below for you to peruse at your own leisure.

Best Bluey Gifts

bluey: the videogame cover art

Bluey: The Videogame

Keepy Uppy And Chattermax Chase Included

Bluey is finally getting her very own video game. The star of the Australian kids’ show and the rest of her family will be playable characters in Bluey: The Videogame, available on various consoles from November 17, 2023.


  • Bluey’s first-ever video game
  • Up to four players can play at the same time
  • Collectibles potentially provide hours of fun

  • Quite a few bugs at launch
  • Story will only keep you occupied for an hour or two

Bluey has become such a global phenomenon that it was always going to be a matter of time before the blue heeler and her lovable family were turned into video game characters. Bluey’s very first video game makes all four members of her family playable as you go on an adventure to piece together a map to find the treasure Bandit and his brothers buried years before. Split into bitesize episodes, the best thing about the Bluey game comes after the story is done. With collectibles to find throughout its sandbox world, the game will provide hours of entertainment for your little Bluey fans and is a perfect introduction to video games.

bluey talking bingo plush

Bluey Talking Bingo Plush

Bingo Is Just As Important As Bluey

Bingo, Bluey’s little sister, as a plush that talks when you press her tummy. Loaded with nine different phrases you’ll instantly recognize and the Bluey theme song for you to sing along with.


  • More than just a run-of-the-mill plush
  • Appreciation for the often overlooked Bingo
  • Can’t get enough of that catchy theme

  • May wear thin if your little ones use it as much as mine do

Yes, the show might be called Bluey, but Bingo is as integral a part of the show as her slightly older sister. The show could only be named after one character, and Bluey got the nod. I get that, I really do, but that doesn’t mean Bingo should be treated like a sidekick. Some of the show’s funniest, and also most touching, moments revolve around Bingo, and you can relive some of the very best ones with this talking plush. This talking Bingo will cycle through nine different phrases, and it also sings and dances to the Bluey theme so you and your little ones can join in too.

bluy seasons 1 and 2 dvd boxset

Bluey: Season One & Two

Who Needs Disney Plus?

Bluey has taken the world by storm, and if you need to catch up, this boxset is the best way to do so. Two seasons made up of 103 episodes across four discs.


  • More than 100 episodes across four discs
  • No need for a streaming subscription
  • The best TV show marathon you’ll ever have

  • Watching 100 episodes of anything in a row will probably make you hate it. Try to space it out

Bluey is available to watch in a couple of places depending on where you are in the world. On Disney Plus pretty much anywhere you are, and the BBC has a special deal in the UK which means Bluey also airs on Cbeebies. You never know when a show might disappear from a streaming service, though. Even though Bluey won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, if you own the episodes on DVD then you don’t need to worry about not having access to the show. Plus, not everyone has Disney Plus. If you know someone without it who needs some Bluey in their life, what better gift than more than 100 episodes of the show ready to go?

Where's Bluey? Search-And-Find Book

Where’s Bluey? Search-And-Find Book

Forget Waldo, Where’s Bluey?

Clearly inspired by the iconic Where’s Waldo? series, Where’s Bluey? puts the well-loved pup and the rest of her family against backdrops you’ll instantly recognize from the show. All you need to do is try and find everyone.


  • Clearly inspired by the fantastic Where’s Waldo? series
  • Challenging tasks for your kids to complete
  • First entry on the list that doesn’t make any noise

  • Not much of a challenge for you older Bluey fans

I spent hours of my childhood pouring over Where’s Waldo? books and other titles of that ilk, eagerly trying to find the characters hidden within their pages as well as everything else provided on their checklists. Not enough of the stuff I actually loved followed in that formula’s footsteps. I’d have loved a search-and-find book filled with Pokemon, and I know for a fact that kids today will love this one with Bluey hiding on every page. Yes, this is one for the extremely little ones as the hiding places will seem a little obvious to some. If your kids are a little young for Where’s Bluey?, perhaps it’s time to introduce them to Goosebumps.

Bluey Christmas Ornament

Bluey Christmas Ornament

Bluey On Your Christmas Tree, For Real Life!

Bluey’s range of officially licensed Christmas ornaments takes the personal touch to the next level since you can add your own, or the recipient’s, name to them. Other character options are available and may vary in price.


  • Put whatever name you like on your ornament
  • Various options available
  • Officially licensed product

  • Non-returnable if you have customized it with a name or message

This is a gift guide, so odds are you’re reading this as we turn the corner and run headfirst into the holiday season. Buying gifts for people, especially grown-ups, can be tricky. Even more so if you know they like Bluey since most merch attached to the show is understandably geared towards children. A nice Christmas tree ornament is almost always a safe bet, and these Bluey options are especially special since you can add the recipient’s name to them. There are different options available on Amazon, but watch out for the price changes between them. Not in the mood for a Bluey ornament? Hallmark has a lot of video game options available this holiday season.

Bluey Scavenger Hunt Board Game

Bluey Scavenger Hunt Board Game

Get ‘Em Into Board Games Early

Bluey’s Scavenger Hunt board game has as many as four players working together as they move around the board, collecting everything they’ve been tasked with finding. Although you’ll work together, the first player to find enough toy tokens and cross the finish line is the winner.


  • Perfect first board game for kids
  • Working together rather than against one another
  • Quick rounds with an easy-to-understand rule set

  • Gets pretty repetitive relatively quickly

It’s never too early to start getting your kids into board games. Okay, challenging them to a game of Risk before they can walk might be a little ambitious, but if you’ve got kids in your life who like Bluey but don’t know about board games, Scavenger Hunt is about as perfect a starting point as you’re going to find. Not only will they immediately gravitate to it because it’s Bluey-themed, but the rules of the game are easy to understand while not being mind-numbingly boring for the older players among us, a balance I know from experience is an incredibly difficult one to strike. Once they’ve mastered Bluey’s Scavenger Hunt, you can move them onto some of the other board games we think are ideal for families.


There are plenty of kids’ shows and movies that are specifically designed to appeal to adults as well as children, but Bluey is a particularly unique example because its target audience is so young. Most shows for kids the age of Bluey’s target demographic won’t appeal to adults at all, but the real-life issues Bluey tackles coupled with the emotional moments peppered throughout have made it a hit with fans of all ages.

Why Have Some Bluey Episodes Been Banned In Certain Regions?

Bluey is about as inoffensive a show as it gets, so it may shock you to discover some episodes are unavailable in certain parts of the world. The most famous example may well be Dad Baby, an episode of the show where Bandit pretends to be pregnant and gives birth. You won’t find that episode on Disney Plus, and Disney continues to refrain from explaining why that is.

Did Bluey’s Mom Lose A Baby?

Bluey fans will know that despite the show being for kids, its mass appeal to people of all ages comes from the real-life topics it tackles in tactful but incredibly touching ways. In one episode, there appears to be a reference to Chilli, Bluey’s mom, having a miscarriage. Even though it wasn’t overtly confirmed within the show itself, its creators have confirmed fans who assumed that was what was being referenced were right to do so.


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