How To Complete All Kickstart Quests In Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1

Here’s how to complete all Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1 Kickstart Quests.

With the arrival of Chapter 5, Season 1 in Fortnite, there is a fresh batch of Kickstart quests for players to complete alongside the new weekly quests. It’s time to start earning that sweet, sweet XP by completing each one on the list.




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Kickstart quests are there to introduce you to various new mechanics in the season. If you need a little guidance on how to complete the various objectives and what exactly it is you need to do, we’ve got everything covered for you right here.

How To Complete Every Kickstart Quest

The Fortnite menu showing a list of all the Kickstart quests.



Deal 1,500 damage to enemy players.

Use the weapons you find scattered across the map to attack enemy players. Once you’ve dealt 1,500 damage in total, you’ll complete this quest.

Get on board the train once.

There is a train that moves around the island, you simply need to board it to complete this quest.

You can see where the train is on the map because there will be a moving icon.

Search a Weapon Case once.

Weapon Cases are found scattered all over the island at outposts, and are marked on the map with the white and red icons. You just need to search one case to complete this quest.

Use a Shield Potion and Medkit, once for each.

You can find Shield Potions and Medkits scattered all over the map and within chests. Simply use one of each item to complete this quest.

Hurdle at three different named locations.

Hurdles are when you vault over an object while sprinting, such as vaulting over a fence. Simply do this at three named locations to unlock this quest.

Travel 1,000 meters distance in a Whiplash.

The Whiplash is the best vehicle in the game, and you just need to travel 1,000 meters total while driving one to complete this quest. Your best bet to find a Whiplash is to check gas stations.

Assist in collecting a Society Medallion.

Players can earn Society Medallions by defeating bosses. Bosses are marked on the map by medallion markers, but make sure you go in prepared before trying to tackle a boss.

Visit three fishing spots.

Visit three different bodies of water, such as lakes or shores, to complete this quest. Fishing Spots are marked on the map.

Apply a Weapon Mod at a Mod Bench once.

Mod Benches can be found within vaults, and you’ll need a Society Medallion obtained from a boss to get in. Once inside, you can use the Mod Bench to apply a Weapon Mod using gold to complete this quest. Alternatively, one can be found on the Floating Island that spawns late in a match.

Complete five Match Quests.

Complete five Match Quests total to complete this quest. Three new Match Quests unlock each day, so it’ll take you at least a couple of days to complete this.


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