Who Is The Hunter In Starfield?

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In Starfield, humanity set out to travel among the stars in search of adventure, valuable resources, scientific knowledge, and conquest. Of course, traveling the universe is no simple feat, but humans managed to spread out and settle in numerous star systems.




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All the while, a mysterious and secretive group of beings known as the Starborn stay in the shadows across the Settled Systems. Those seeking ancient knowledge may ultimately run into the Starborn, especially once powerful items known as Artifacts start to become involved. But there is one Starborn who is more dangerous than the rest, and that is the Hunter.

How Do You Meet The Hunter?

The Starborn known as the Hunter talks to you onboard a Starborn ship.

After joining Constellation, you begin to search for clues that lead you to powerful Artifacts that are scattered across different star systems. The true meaning and purpose of the Artifacts evade Constellation’s understanding at the start.

As you continue your adventures, you may actually meet a lone mercenary in different random bars that goes by the name, “The Hunter.” You can chat with him about some of his beliefs, but you don’t get to learn too much about who he actually is.

Spoilers below for the main quest of Starfield after “No Sudden Moves.”

The Spacefarer fights back again the Hunter in the streets of New Atlantis.

You meet the Hunter much more directly when you learn that he’s attacking The Eye during “High Price To Pay.” It’s clear that he is one of the Starborn, and not at all looking to become your ally.

He’s after the Artifacts you have, and will stop at nothing to take them from you. In fact, he shows just how dangerous he can be when he kills one of your companions from Constellation.

After you survive the Hunter’s ambush, he starts to look at you in a new light. As you progress in the main quest and try to discover what the Unity really is, you’ll get to the point where the Hunter invites you to have an honest conversation to answer your questions.

You will be invited to dock and board a ship to meet with two Starborn, the Hunter and the Emissary.

What Is The Hunter’s Real Identity?

The Hunter reveals his face to be Keeper Aquilus of the Sanctum Universum.

During your conversation with the Emissary and the Hunter, you learn that the multiverse is real. Your universe is just one of an untold number that are out there. Further, each of the Starborn reveal their true face under their masks.

The Hunter reveals himself to be Keeper Aquilus. Well, just one version of Keeper Aquilus, a version from a different universe.

Once upon a time, this version of Aquilus reached the Unity, and was reborn as a Starborn. He repeated the process over and over again, becoming stronger with every rebirth, until he became the Hunter that stalks your character in Starfield.

The Hunter believes that the strongest should be the ones to wield the Artifacts, and anyone capable of collecting them should be free to reach the Unity.

You will be given the choice to side with either the Emissary or the Hunter, depending on which philosophical take on the Unity you might agree with.

Different versions of Aquilus have gone down different roads. Some become the Hunter, only to destroy other versions of themselves. Some decide to pursue a deeper truth and other meanings of life, and shirk the Hunter mantle.

The Keeper Aquilus in your world is one of the latter. He stopped the repetitive rebirth process to settle down in your universe and create the Sanctum Universum.

Depending on your choices in your playthrough of Starfield, you will get to decide the fate of this version of the Hunter.


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