Florida Joker Has Called Out Rockstar After His GTA 6 Trailer Appearance

Grand Theft Auto 6’s highly-anticipated trailer was released earlier this week, though you probably didn’t need to be told that at this point. What you may not know is that fans quickly discovered a lot of the wacky scenes from the trailer are actually based on real-life people and events that occurred in the state of Florida. One such example is the purple-haired convict with tattoos all over his face, a reference to the infamous Florida Joker whose mug shot went viral back in 2017.



Given that Florida Joker (real name Lawrence Sullivan) is an actual human being that exists, there was always the possibility that he could potentially watch the trailer and see himself referenced, which is exactly what happened earlier today. Sullivan posted a video to TikTok back when the trailer first dropped, letting people know that the guy in the trailer is clearly inspired by him and for people to look up his name.

Just to verify that it is him and not someone looking for a bit of clout, if you compare his video to his mugshot from 2017 you can see similar tattoos, namely the one on his forehead of a sword skewering the Batman logo. He’s missing his green hair these days, but that’s probably the result of being arrested twice, most recently in 2022 for a seemingly minor crime if he’s out reacting to GTA 6 trailers in 2023.

You know they got that character with the face tattoos, you know who they got that inspired by. By me, just look me up, Florida Joker, Miami Joker, you know what I’m talking about. GTA, we gotta talk.

Sullivan was probably the most high-profile individual parodied by Rockstar, though there are several others referenced in the trailer. For example, there are two news reports from Florida of both a naked man running away from police officers next to a gas station, and of an elderly man doing yard work in nothing but his birthday suit, both of which make appearances in the trailer.

It’s not at all surprising that these real-life references have been found so quickly, given how systematically fans of the series are picking the trailer apart. In fact, they’ve been analyzing the trailer and marketing material so closely that they recently spotted an ankle monitor attached to main character Lucia. While not a massive discovery, since we know she’s locked up at the start of the game, fans think this is how Rockstar is going to limit how much we can explore in the early game.


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