Best Custom Content For Toddlers In The Sims 4

The Sims 4 allows you to play Sims of a variety of different ages, but some Sims get more love than others. Despite the popularity of the Legacy and 100 Baby Challenges, toddlers are underrepresented when it comes to custom content. Finding good toddler content is like finding a pristine spring in the desert.




Mod The Sims: 10 Best Sims 4 Custom Content From The Site

Mod the Sims is arguably the best website when it comes to custom content for Simmers everywhere. And here are the 10 best mods for Sims 4.

If you play lots of Sim families with kids, you know that adult Sims aren’t the only ones who deserve nice things. Finding the right outfits and furniture for your little Sims can be difficult, but we’re here to make the job easier. Here’s our picks for all your tiny tots.

10 Storybee Maxis Match Clothing Recolor Set

A group of Sim toddlers wearing stylish attire
Credit: StoryLegacySims

The base game has some surprisingly cute outfits for toddler Sims, but not many color schemes for them. Enter the Storybee recolor collection. This marvelous collaboration from Story Legacy Sims and Simmingbee boasts over one hundred and fifty swatches for a variety of different toddler outfits.

While the original blog post has been deleted, the download links are all active and the Maxis Match custom content Tumblr archive has preserved a copy. The same creators have also made several other toddler outfits, although none of their other works are on as massive of a scale as this one.

9 Sims 2 To Sims 4 Toddler Overalls Conversion

The Sims 2 had plenty of memorable content that Simmers have spent years replicating in later games. One example is the most adorable overall set, which has now been converted to The Sims 4 and made available on Mod The Sims. We were excited to see this outfit make a comeback, since it was one of the most iconic pieces of clothing available for Sims 2 toddlers.

All five of the original color swatches from The Sims 2 are available for this outfit. The textures have been updated to meet the graphical standards of The Sims 4, making this one of the most high-quality Maxis matches we’ve seen. It’s the perfect outfit for your toddlers to make all sorts of messes in.

8 Maxis Match Knit Onesie

Although you don’t need Nifty Knitting Stuff for this set to work, it works as a perfect storytelling detail for any crafty Sim family. Your toddler Sims can dress up as the cutest of critters with this new onesie, courtesy of Goodchills Studio.


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With thirty-four swatches available, you’re sure to be able to find the palette that suits you. The texture on this onesie is impressive, especially when you consider the fact that it’s a Maxis match. Give this one a try if you want your toddlers to be extra cozy.

7 Roarsome Kids Bedroom Set

This is one of the cutest bedroom sets we’ve ever seen. The most impressive pieces in the set have to be the rugs, which come in twenty different styles. However, you also can’t ignore the bedspread, which has dozens of options for you to peruse. The rest of the furniture in this set is great for helping you build the animal-themed nursery of your dreams.

Most of the items in this set are geared towards players who prefer Maxis-match style content. If you prefer alpha content, however, the rugs might still be to your liking. You can mix and match the different animals all you want. Go ahead and build a menagerie your toddler will love, or just double down on making axolotls their entire personality.

6 Halloween Pajama Sets

The great thing about pajamas is that all conventions of style and seasonality go out the window. These adorable pajamas aren’t necessarily for Halloween, but they’ll definitely bring some spooky vibes all year round. If that’s not your style, some of the set’s nine swatches have more generic themes you might enjoy.

It’s hard to overstate how impressed we are with the quality of this set. It’s a simple piece of content, but it looks like it could have come in one of EA’s official packs. The outfit is a full-body set, and comes complete with a plain white swatch for you to make your own recolors.There are never enough excuses in the world to let your toddlers run around in cute pajamas.

5 Around The Sims 4 Preschool Set

There’s a number of different preschool mods available for your Sim toddlers, but few that have a dedicated preschool lot. Furthermore, the selection of educational toddler items offered up by the base game is more than a little disappointing. Fortunately, there’s a custom content pack for all your toddler skill needs.

The Preschool Stuff Pack has a number of different items that can be used in a variety of ways. Along with shelves and low tables for your toddlers, there are all the educational toys you could ever want. It’s a great set for Sim parents who care deeply about the development of their children. There’s even an abacus.

4 Oopsii Daisy Hair Set

Plenty of people have childhood memories of trying to cut their own hair. No child has ever done this well, but it’s an experience most of us can look back at and laugh about. Enter the Oopsii Daisy hair set, available for both toddlers and children.

This set isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, but that’s the point. With every jagged cut and uneven set of bangs, the Oopsii Daisy set encapsulates the sheer weirdness of childhood. It’s a great set if you don’t care about everything being perfect and just want to inject more goofiness into your game.

3 Functional Rocking Toys

An assortment of various rocking animal toys in The Sims 4
Credit: Sandy @ Around the Sims

The Toddler Mod Stuff Pack might have come with a functional rocking horse, but there weren’t any other animals for kids who didn’t like horses. Sandy from Around the Sims, however, has given the masses what they’ve asked for. Now your toddlers can rock with a camel, a whale, or a mystical swan.

If there’s one complaint we have about this set, it’s that we’d have perhaps liked to see some more colorful swatches available alongside the neutrals and pastels. However, this is still a phenomenal set. These rocking animals can be used as the focal point for the sweetest nursery, but they can also make a playroom feel more magical.

2 Hello, Toddler! CAS Set

This is an amazing outerwear set with options for both Maxis-match and alpha styles. With the Hello, Toddler! set, you’ll get a warm jacket, a scarf, a hat, socks, and shorts for your Sims’ toddlers. There’s also a small pose pack for those of you who have a storytelling streak.

Each item in the set has loads of color options, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content. We’re particularly fond of the adorable scarf that comes with this pack, but there’s nothing in this pack that can’t be put to good use. This is the perfect piece of custom content if you want outerwear for your toddlers without buying the Seasons expansion.

1 Toddler Mod Stuff Pack

This is a huge custom content pack that includes a wide variety of toys and furniture for your toddlers. It’s a shame that the Sims 4 base game is lacking in objects for toddlers to play with, but you can kiss those days goodbye.

Our favorite piece in this pack is the functional rocking horse, but there’s also a tiny futon for your toddlers to nap on. No matter what your needs are, you’re sure to find something that strikes your fancy here.


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