Ex-Rockstar Developer Says GTA 6 Will Look As Good As The Trailer

In this day and age, it can sometimes be difficult to believe what you’re seeing. This is especially true in the games industry, which has seen multiple controversies surrounding games, such as the first Watchdogs and Killzone 2, that have had rather misleading trailers in terms of graphics and fidelity. That apparently won’t be the case with the recently revealed Grand Theft Auto 6 though, as an ex-Rockstar developer has assured fans that the game will look just as good as its stunning trailer.



Former Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 animator Mike York uploaded his reaction to the GTA 6 trailer on Wednesday (thanks VG247), offering a unique perspective as someone who worked for Rockstar New England for almost six years. In the video, York goes through the trailer rather systematically, pointing out cool details that more regular fans may have missed due to not having a developer’s keen eye.

It’s during this section in which York claims what we’re seeing in the trailer is going to be the real deal when GTA 6 launches in 2025. York claims that the trailer isn’t made up of cinematics, a tactic used by many other developers to make their games look as good as possible without fibbing, and running around in the open world is “really gonna look like this”.

I’m really impressed with how far they’re bringing the graphics for an in-game kind of version of this. A lot of times you see [cinematics used], this is not that. When you play this game, it’s really gonna look like this.

As an example, York points out the NPC wearing a bikini that takes center stage at around the mid-point of the trailer. York explains that the level of detail on the NPC is a lot higher than the detail on NPCs in Rockstar’s previous titles, showing off highly improved tech. There is also a chance that this could be the main character Lucia in disguise though, as the GTA community has been arguing about the bikini woman’s identity ever since the trailer dropped.

If what York says is true and GTA 6 does look just as good as its first trailer, then it goes some way to explaining exactly why the game will be a next-gen only title. Rockstar confirmed shortly after the trailer was first uploaded that GTA 6 will not be coming to PS4 and Xbox One, and also that it won’t be coming to PC, at least at launch. Chances are Rockstar is holding the PC release back an extra six months for that sweet double dip, so it’s looking like 2026 for the GTA fans out there that don’t want to buy a next-gen console.


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