The Game Awards Is Only Giving Away 100 Steam Decks This Year

During The Game Awards last year, you may recall that Valve decided to give some viewers an early Christmas present by dishing out a number of Steam Decks for completely free. Not only that, but the company gave away a Steam Deck for every minute The Game Awards ran, even if the timing of the show went over the usual three and a half hours that Geoff Keighley reserves for the occasion. Valve is doing the same this year, but with one significant catch.



Instead of giving away a Steam Deck every minute, Valve will now only be giving away 100 Steam Deck OLEDs, limiting the number of freebies dished out during The Game Awards 2023. This was announced by The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley via his official Twitter account earlier today, and many fans of the show made the same joke in the replies.

While no official reason has been given for Valve’s decision to limit the number of free Steam Decks this year, a lot of people think it has to do something with Kratos actor Christopher Judge, who won the award for Best Performance during last year’s show. Judge definitely savored the moment, staying on stage for an unusually long time – despite being told to leave multiple times – for a whopping 7 minutes and 59 seconds.

Having promised to give out a Steam Deck for every minute of the show, Valve probably wasn’t best pleased about Judge staying on stage for five or six minutes longer than she should have done. His speech forced the show to run longer, meaning Valve gave away a handful of Steam Decks that it wasn’t expecting to. He was firmly celebrated by gamers everywhere for his antics, but probably made a few enemies in the upper tiers of Valve HQ.

So many people were making this same joke about this year’s limited supply that even Keighley himself got in on it, tweeting a picture of Christopher Judge and a Steam Deck and saying that the actor “knows the assignment”. Judge will be back at The Game Awards this year to present the award for Best Performance, so it’s fun to imagine people at Valve seeing his attendance confirmed and then running to put a cap on the amount of Steam Decks to give out.

He’ll probably have to wrap it up a bit quicker this year, especially since he’s a host this time, though I’m sure we’re all expecting a cheeky nod to the incident when The Game Awards kick off tomorrow. If you need a reminder, the show officially starts tomorrow at 4:30pm PST until 8pm PST (that’s 12:30am GMT – 4am GMT for all you Brits), and promises to bring us a bunch of exciting game reveals. That’s if you can stay awake to actually see them though.


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