The Best Cards In Rise Of The Floodborn’s Amethyst/Steel Starter Deck


  • Amethyst and Steel starter deck provides versatile and valuable cards for building your own decks.
  • Characters like Kuzco and Cinderella offer useful abilities, such as drawing cards and dealing damage.
  • Unique cards like Beast and Last Cannon provide strategic options for managing the game board and boosting your characters’ power.



The second expansion for Disney’s Lorcana, Rise of the Floodborn brings with it all sorts of fun and interesting cards to the trading card game. If you’re looking to jump right into playing, you might want to consider picking up one of the two starter decks from the set.


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The Amethyst and Steel starter deck that comes with Rise of the Floodborn will add a ton of cool cards to your collection, letting you break it apart to build your own decks or to help fill out any cards you might be missing. Picking up the Amethyst and Steel deck will give you all sorts of great cards like…

10 Kuzco, Wanted Llama

“Boom, Baby!”

Kuzco, Wanted Lama by Michaela Martin

You might not be winning any games off of Kuzco. Wanted Llama but it is a fine card that comes with a pretty good trade-off when it gets destroyed. When Kuzco gets banished, you get to draw a card, effectively replacing itself while soaking up some damage or possibly even taking out an opponent’s character.

Kuzco can be used as ink, which is a nice benefit to the card, especially later in a game when you don’t want to ink a stronger card. Keep Kuzco in mind if you’re looking for a cheap filler spot in a pinch.

9 Cinderella, Knight In Training

“They can’t order me to stop dreaming.”

Cinderella, Knight in Training by Grace Tran

Speaking of drawing cards, Cinderella, Knight in Training does so with efficiency. This two-ink character has two willpower and two strength that can be inked, making it a fairly straightforward character that is as versatile as you need it to be.

The main draw for Cinderella, Knight in Training is, well, its draw effect. When it comes into play, you get to draw a card and then you have to discard a card. Cinderella is better than other cards that do this because it is a may effect, letting you choose not to if you don’t have any other cards in hand, for instance.

8 Merlin, Squirrel

“Have You Ever Considered Being A Squirrel?”

Merlin, Squirrel by Brian Weisz

One of the main mechanics coming in the Amethyst and Steel preconstructed deck is designed around playing characters, bouncing them back into your hand, and then playing them again, time and time again to keep recycling powerful effects.

While not the strongest of abilities in this deck, Merlin, Squirrel does help smooth out your draws to help you find the best cards you need at any given time. This Merlin quests for just one lore but can keep your draws consistent throughout a game.

7 Beast, Forbidding Recluse

You Don’t Want To Invade His Castle

Beast, Forbidding Recluse by Alice Pisoni

A fairly unique card, Beast, Forbidden Recluse gives you some options when it comes to handling a complicated or cluttered board. When this Beast comes into play, you get to deal one damage to any character.


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Beast can absolutely be used to ping off little or damaged characters, playing him after combat to get rid of any lingering characters your opponent might have in play. Interestingly, you can also damage your own characters, getting rid of a character that might have an ability that triggers when it is banished.

6 Last Cannon

An Avalanche Of Fun

Last Cannon by Jared Nickeri

A new item from Rise of the Floodborn, Last Cannon can both be used for ink and can be used to give one of your characters a huge boost in power. This item costs only one ink to come out, and then another one ink to activate its ability to give any character challenger and +3 strength when they do so.

You could technically use it to give an opponent’s character challenger +3, but that’s not a great way to go. This one-time item lets you target any complicated character in play, all but guaranteeing you can banish your opponent’s cards.

5 Merlin, Shapeshifter

“Don’t take gravity too lightly.”

Merlin, Shapeshifter by Matthew Robert Davies

One of the two foil rares that comes in the started deck, Merlin, Shapeshifter brings with it a unique mechanic to add extra value to your characters. His Battle of Wits ability gives him one extra lore to quest for whenever another one of your characters has been put back into your hand from play.

This effect gives you a payoff for bouncing cards back into your hand, letting you quest with a character, gain the lore, and then put it back to prevent your opponent from banishing it, only to then quest for more with Merlin.

4 The Huntsman, Reluctant Enforcer

He’s On Your Trail

The Huntsman, Reluctant Enforcer by Gaku Kumatori

A somewhat obscure character from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Huntsman, Reluctant Enforcer gives you a repeatable way to keep your hand filled with the best card you need at a given time.


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Anytime The Huntsman quests, you can choose to draw a card and then discard a card, burning through more situational cards or ones that won’t do you much good with the current board. All the while you’re getting two lore every time you quest, which is a pretty good deal.

3 Merlin, Crab

“One big medieval mess!”

Merlin, Crab by Balentina Graziuso

Playing on the mechanic of bouncing characters back to your hand for bonus effects, Merlin, Crap, takes it to a new level by turning your characters into powerful challengers. When this crab version of Merlin enters play or when he leaves play, you get to pick another character to give challenger +3 to for the turn.

You can keep picking off your opponent’s characters with this effect, then using them to quest for lore before bouncing it back to your hand to reset it and keep on challenging turn after turn.

2 Merlin, Goat

“Impudent piece of crockery!”

Merlin, Goat by S Shaw and L Giammichele

A beefy old kid, Merlin, Goat, is a solid character that can help generate a good amount of lore over time. With Merlin’s Here I Come! ability, anytime you have Merlin come into play or when he leaves play for any reason, you gain one lore.

Another card in the trend of giving characters extra effects from bouncing them in and out of play, Merlin might not be the best card that does so, but it does put up a solid fight while gaining you incidental lore over time.

1 Tiana, Celebrating Princess

“So make a wish and hold on tight.”

Tiana, Celebrating Princess by Matthew Robert Davies

A fascinating control character that can be incredibly hard for your opponents to deal with, Tiana, Celebrating Princess comes with two powerful effects to help win the game. The first is its resist +2, preventing Tiana from taking two points of damage anytime it is attacked or damaged through other effects.

Tiana’s more interesting effect is What You Give Is What You Get, preventing your opponents from playing action cards so long as Tiana is exerted and you have no cards in hand. You have to make sure you empty your hand quickly to lockdown your opponents, and be careful to not keep cards in hand turn after turn, but can still be a fantastic way to shut down your opponent.


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