Best Sims 4 Custom Content For Children

Children are by far one of the most interesting age groups in The Sims 4. With the release of expansions such as Kids’ Room Stuff, Parenthood, and Growing Together, the developers have introduced a wide variety of activities for Sim families to enjoy together. The modding community, meanwhile, has a lot of work to do.




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Children don’t get as much custom content dedicated to them as adults, so it’s always great to see modders in the Sims 4 community show them some appreciation. Here’s some of our favorite custom content creations for you to make your Sim kids’ lives just a little more magical.

10 Random Leggings

You can never have enough leggings. Sure, you can always wear them underneath your tunics and dresses, but they’re also great for workout clothes or pajamas. Sadly, the Sims 4 base game doesn’t have many options when it comes to leggings, especially for kids.

Enter Onyx Sims. These leggings are available for both toddlers and children, with forty-five swatches. Each option boasts a colorful print that will probably clash with everything, but that’s part of the charm. It’s definitely a piece that captures the cheerful, chaotic way kids pick out their own clothes.

9 Oopsii Daisy Hair Set

Kids aren’t exactly known for being expert hairstylists. Plenty of children have tried to give themselves haircuts throughout human history. The result is almost invariably a choppy, uneven mess, but that’s exactly the kind of hairstyle the Oopsii Daisy set celebrates.

There are a handful of different hairstyles available for both children and toddlers. This is a great set for storytelling, but it’s also perfect for Simmers who don’t take themselves too seriously. If you want to add some more goofiness to your game, you should download this set.

8 School Accessories Clutter

Childhood is when your Sims first encounter the demands of school. That being said, there’s not much in the way of school-related items in the game’s official content. Sandy at Around the Sims has stepped in to fill that void, providing us with plenty of school-related clutter items.


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Any school supplies you could possibly want are here. There are even homework assignments to slap onto your Sims’ desks and blackboards for your schools. The stationery is also extremely customizable, with dozens of swatches available for each item. Try experimenting with the different swatches to find a stationery set that fits your Sim’s personality.

7 Nighty Night Kids’ PJs

Animal themed Kids' PJs in The Sims 4
Credit: Colorful Plumbobs

This is a high-quality set of kids’ pajamas that looks like it came straight out of an official DLC from EA. The Nighty Night pajama set boasts an array of different animal-themed pajamas for your kids. It pairs well with several of the items from Kids Room Stuff.

Unlike several custom pajama sets out there, the tops and bottoms on the Nighty Night set are separate. That means you can mix and match as much as you want! There are eighteen swatches total for both tops and bottoms, so put together your most stylish jammies for your Sims’ sleepovers.

6 My Pretty Pony

Now your Sims can experience the magical joy of a toy that resembles, but is legally distinct from, My Little Pony! These enchanted equines are functional toys, but you can also use them as decorative objects. They’re perfect for any pastel or eighties themed bedroom.

There are fourteen different swatches to choose from. You can choose the color schemes that you like the best, or line every version up on a shelf. Each pony has its own unique name, as detailed in the creator’s Tumblr blog. You could even make up your own backstories for them, if you’re the type to enjoy telling stories with your SIms.

5 Overalls For Children

You really can’t go wrong with overalls. No matter your age, they’re a comfortable and practical wardrobe choice that can be made in a variety of different styles. This set by kennetha v adds a cute and functional overall set for your Sim kids to play in.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this outfit is the number of combinations you can pull off with the pins and overall prints. No matter your Sim’s personality, they can have a pair of overalls that speaks to them.

4 Winter Break Outerwear Set

Two child Sims wearing winter clothes in The Sims 4
Credit: simkoos

This is a clothing set that’s sure to please both Maxis-match and alpha Simmers alike. You’ll need various DLCs for some of the outerwear, but there are also items that can be enjoyed with the base game alone. From sweatpants to jeans, this pack also adds a variety of bottoms to your game.


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Perhaps the strongest aspect of this set is its versatility. All the clothing looks like something a real person might actually wear, which is a relief once you become familiar with EA’s questionable fashion choices. The bottoms in particular also pair well with tops from both EA and other custom content creators.

3 School’s Out Stuff Pack

This is a beautiful bedroom set that’s both colorful and modern. It’s intended to give Sim kids a stylish place to study in, and the mid-century modern furniture pieces are very chic indeed. We particularly love the desk and its matching stool.

If that’s not enough, the set also comes with its own wallpaper, along with trendy art pieces and poppy, colorful bedspreads. This is a bedroom set that won’t clash with kids’ toys or other belongings, but will still age gracefully as a child grows older.

2 Voidcritters Posters and Calendars

We love custom content that respects The Sims’ rich and storied lore. With the release of Kids Room Stuff, EA introduced Voidcritters, an in-universe trading card game that children could play. The lore and concept is reminiscent of Pokemon, which becomes clear if you see the designs for some of the Voidcritters themselves.

This is a pretty simple piece of custom content, but it adds so much character to your Sims’ rooms. Every available Voidcritter in the game has their own swatch, so your Sims can choose their favorite. You could even change the calendar swatch periodically to simulate the changing months.

1 Kids Room Custom Stuff Pack

Sixam Studios has created a bedroom set for your child Sims that adds some color to what might otherwise be a sad, beige life. The Kids’ Room Custom Stuff Pack boasts a wide array of colorful modern furniture, all of which can be mixed and matched with official EA content.

This is a surprisingly versatile set. A few pieces, such as the animal-themed stools and robot shelf, can form the centerpiece of a themed bedroom. However, the modular shelving units can be used well into your Sim’s teen years. We particularly love the detailing on the books you can put in the shelf.


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