How Top Beat Maulosseum Rank F In Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

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Taking on the challenges that the various arenas in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince have to offer is a very rewarding experience. While you don’t get all that much in terms of tangible prizes, victory serves as a testament to your teambuilding talents and monster synthesis flair.



Looking For The Other Category F Arena?

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince – Endor Colosseum Category F Guide

Endor Colosseum is home to difficult challenges in DQM: The Dark Prince. This category features a Flython, a very nasty opponent.

The Maulosseum is home to a number of deadly challenges, and you’ll be forced to take on a few of them as you progress through the game. It’s Dragon Quest’s way of making sure you’re ready to progress to the next level of difficulty. While Category G is all you need to pass to begin with, Category F will rear its ugly head soon enough.

Maulosseum Rank F Overview

A team of large enemies in Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince

Entry Fee: 50 Gold Coins

Three battles await you in this arena gauntlet, and you’ll have to beat them all in succession. You’ll get healed between rounds, though, so don’t worry about your monsters going all out!



First Battle




Vampire Cat

Second Battle



Killer Gila

Knight Errant

Third Battle

Erazor Blade

Hunter Mech


As in Endor Colosseum’s F Category, the big threat here is the Large monster in the third round. The Hunter Mech is a tough cookie with some very high-damage physical attacks, and its backed up by two other decent monsters, too. In addition to that, the second battle can prove tricky – the very large monsters here have quite large health pools.

To sum up, you’ll want a team that can both take a lot of damage but also dish it out – this arena gauntlet is a battle of attrition, and you’ll need to whittle down the enemies before they can do the same to you.

How To Beat Maulosseum Rank F

A Hunter Mech with an attack buff in Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince

This is an arena where buffing and debuffing moves will come in handy. It would be a good idea to build up a monster that has the Oomph, Kabuff, and Sap moves.

  • Oomph will be (usually) used on your good attackers, further increasing the damage they do.
  • Kabuff increases the defence of the entire party, which is fantastic in the last battle.
  • Sap will cut an opponent’s defence. If you can get this stuck on the Hunter Mech, you’ll have a far easier time with this fight.

A particularly good monster for this arena is the Snail Slime – its Barricade Talent gives it very early access to Kabuff and it’s easily found in the Circle of Caprice during Winter. Its cousin, the Shell Slime, can also learn Kabuff through Defender, and is easily synthesised. If you manage to get some other useful status moves on either of these slimes, they’ll prove extremely useful.

Be sure to set your buffer to ‘Support Your Allies’ in the Tactics menu!

In addition to a buffer (preferably with Kabuff), making sure you’re using a team with naturally-high defence is a good way to survive the onslaught that is the third round. Avoid using squishy wizard-type monsters – they are more likely to fall quickly and end up useless. Instead, bulky physical attackers should be preferred.

Two offensive moves will prove extremely useful in this fight: Dragon Slash and Matter Scatterer. The former will destroy the Jargon, Killer Gila, and Stabosaur, while the latter handily takes care of the Erazor Blade and Hunter Mech.

You can get these moves with the following monsters:



Dragon Slash

Spicy Slasher (She-Slimes, the Wax Murderer available in Dragglenook)

Frizz Afficionado (Lamplings, Firespirits)

Breath Taker (Restless Armour)

Matter Scatterer

Bang Afficionado (Airbagon)

Materialist (Eggsoskeleton)

Synthesising a high-attack monster that has both of these skills would be a great way to take care of lots of threats at once – the game is pretty good at choosing the right moves to deal maximum damage.

Matter Scatterer is the important one to get here – dealing with the Hunter Mech as soon as possible is key to success, especially as its allies like to buff its attack, making it even more deadly.

Overall, as long as you’ve been diligently experimenting with synthesis and making sure you’re scouting the latest monsters, you really shouldn’t have many problems with this category. The Hunter Mech can be a pain, but you have access to plenty of tools to defeat it.

Winning will unlock the next Category, and this is one you’ll have to face before you can progress the story.

Onto The Next Round!

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