The Best Hanya Build And Light Cones In Honkai: Star Rail

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If you’ve played Honkai: Star Rail for a little while, you probably already realize that getting good support characters and healers is far more important than getting the right DPS characters. Harmony is known for one of the most broken paths in the game, and it got a new addition in the Version 1.5 update.




Honkai: Star Rail – Ascension And Trace Materials For Hanya

Hanya is a four-star character in Honkai: Star Rail, and she needs all these materials to upgrade her fully.

Hanya is a four-star character with the Physical combat type, but she’s no less valuable than a five-star in the game. She can provide your team some much-needed Skill Points while also buffing the ATK, SPD, and DMG of your party members.

Best Hanya Relics And Planar Ornaments

Honkai Star Rail Hanya Relic Screen

Support characters can be some of the easiest units to build in Honkai: Star Rail, and it’s no different for Hanya. Here are the best Relics and Light Cones for her:



Reason For Synergy With Hanya


Messenger Traversing Hackerspace

This is the best Relic set you’ll find for Hanya since it not only gives her some extra SPD, but also stacks with her Ultimate to give her allies a 12 percent SPD boost whenever used.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat

If you haven’t progressed enough to get the above set, you can also use the Musketeer set to get some extra ATK, SPD, and Basic ATK DMG.

Planar Ornaments

Broken Keel

This set gives you free 10 percent Effect RES, and your entire party’s Crit DMG increases if you have over 30 percent Effect RES. Of course, you’ll have to build the stat on her Relic stats for this to work.

If you can get the required stats, the 10 percent Crit DMG buff can be huge for the DPS in your party.

Fleet of the Ageless

This set is similar to Broken Keel, except it increases your party’s ATK by 8 percent if you have over 120 SPD. However, it also increases your HP by 12 percent, allowing you to live a little longer.

Penacony, Land of the Dreams

Finally, Penacony can be a great set if you’re planning to use Hanya with one of the Physical DPS characters like Argenti, who’s the character she first got released with.

While Messenger Traversing Hackerspace is the only good Relic set for Hanya, you have to put quite a lot of thought when it comes to the Planar Ornaments since all of them are good in certain situations. Thankfully, the main stats you’d get on each of these Relics are much easier to build:

Gear Type

Main Stat Priority


ATK Percent



Planar Sphere

ATK Percent

Link Rope

Energy Regeneration Rate

You can also look for as much SPD, Effect RES, HP Percent, and ATK Percent as possible on her sub-stats.

Best Hanya Light Cones

Honkai Star Rail Hanya Light Cone Screen

The best Light Cones that belong to the Harmony path and synergize well with Hanya are as follows:

But the Battle Isn’t Over

This is the perfect Light Cone for Hanya as it gives her some Energy Regeneration Rate and also regenerates an extra Skill Point every second Ultimate coming from her. It also increases the DMG dealt by the ally taking action after her.

You’ll have to fine-tune your team’s SPD a little to get the benefit from the last effect.

Carve the Moon, Wave the Clouds

If you can buy the premium tier of the battle pass, this Light Cone is one of the best for her as it gives your team one of the following random buffs every time her turn starts: ATK boost, Crit DMG boost, Energy Regeneration boost.

Memories of the Past

This Light Cone increases your Break Effect and lets you get extra Energy whenever you perform an attack. While the former stat is useless, you can make good use of the extra Energy if your Hanya is high SPD.


This is a generic three-star Light Cone that’s good for every support character as it increases your party’s ATK by 12 percent in battle.

Hanya Traces Priority

Honkai Star Rail Hanya Thinking In Divinition Commission

While building a support character like Hanya, you’d want to minimize the resources you spend on them since you need these resources for your DPS characters. Thankfully, it’s not that hard to save a bunch of resources on her since you don’t necessarily need to upgrade her Basic Attack past level four.

Moreover, from her other abilities, you’d want to upgrade the Ultimate first as it increases the amount of SPD and ATK gained by the target ally. After that, you can increase her Talent to give an extra DMG boost against the Burdened enemy. Her Skill takes the last spot since it only increases her DMG a little.

You’d want to get all her Bonus Abilities as well, but Netherworld is the best one for her.

Hanya also gets a bit of SPD from her small Trace nodes, which makes it easy to get her past 150 SPD if you get the stat properly rolled on your Relics. She needs to be as high SPD as possible since the SPD gained from her Ultimate scales on her personal SPD.


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