Ash’s Most Memorable Legendary Encounters With Pokemon


  • Ash inspires others: Ash’s influence helped Keldeo find courage and finish a fight in Pokemon the Movie: Kyurem Vs. the Swords of Justice.
  • Ash’s emotional encounter: Latias kissed Ash and gifted him a drawing in Pokemon Heroes, showing gratitude for his help.
  • Ash’s bond with Victini: Ash’s connection with Victini saved both of their lives and formed a genuine bond in the film featuring Victini.



Ash has encountered many Pokemon throughout his journey. Among these include several Legendary Pokemon. While these encounters tend to be confined to the movies rather than the core anime, Ash still has unforgettable meetings with these monsters of legends. Some of these encounters did leave more of an impression than others.


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He may have met Pokemon like Zapdos a few times, but he fought Mewtwo, was saved by Victini, and assisted Keldeo in proving himself to Kyurem. So, let us look back at Ash’s adventures to discuss some of his most emotional, meaningful, and unforgettable encounters with Legendary Pokemon throughout the years.

8 Keldeo

How Ash Inspires

One of Ash’s most consistent qualities is how he influences those around him. Whether it be Sawyer in X and Y or Paul in Diamond and Pearl, Ash has a quality about him that brings out the best in people. This is no different with Pokemon as in the film, Pokemon the Movie: Kyurem Vs. the Swords of Justice, Ash meets the mythical Pokemon Keldeo.

Throughout the movie, Keldeo runs away from his fight with Kyurem, terrified of failing. This act leads to the imprisonment of the Swords of Justice. After encountering Ash and seeing how hard he’s willing to fight for others, Keldeo finds his inner courage and finishes the fight, changed forever by Ash’s influence.

7 Latias

Kisses From A Pokemon

Long before meeting one during Pokemon Journeys, Ash would have a fateful encounter with a Latias during the film Pokemon Heroes. While Ash does his usual act of saving a Pokemon from an evil mastermind, that isn’t what makes this meeting memorable. Instead, it is how these two say goodbye.

Before leaving at the film’s end, Latias masquerades as a human girl and kisses Ash before gifting him a drawing. This was long before Ash’s kiss with Serena in X and Y and made for an unforgettable gesture from a Pokemon Ash helped.

6 Victini

Ash Touching The Heart Of Others

Ash befriending mythical Pokemon is nothing new to this franchise. However, one of the best examples is his relationship with Victini. During their first encounter in the film, Victini seemed amused by Ash. It used its victory abilities to enhance Ash’s Pokemon because it found the tournament exciting.


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However, viewing his actions, Victini forms a genuine bond with Ash. This connection culminates when Victini saves Ash from freezing to death. Ash’s ability to connect with Pokemon and the people around him saved him and Victini.

5 The Forces of Nature

Facing Team Rocket At Their Best

Ash has faced Team Rocket multiple times. However, the trio is rarely a threat. That is until Giovanni gets involved in the Black and White season of the anime. In one of their most extensive operations yet, Team Rocket attempts to use the power of Landorus, Tornadus, and Thundurus to take over the region. Ash and his friends need to battle these legends to stop them.

This encounter is significant because it wasn’t just one of the first times Ash met Giovanni face-to-face but that Team Rocket was so close to success. They may typically be jokes, but the power of the Forces of Nature made Team Rocket something to fear.

4 Tapu Koko

Connecting With Alola

When coming to Alola, it was set up like any other Pokemon series, that is, until Ash had his fateful encounter with Tapu Koko. The guardian of Mele Island appeared before Ash and gifted him a Z-Ring. This particular artifact would enable Ash to perform Z-moves and help connect him to the place that would soon become like home.

Tapu Koko didn’t stop there, as it would continue watching over Ash throughout his time in Alola, testing him, strengthening his Z-Ring, and gifting him Z-crystals. It can be argued that the presence of Tapu Koko in Ash’s life helped push him to become the region’s champion.

3 Solgaleo

Growing Up Together

An exciting change from the games is that the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime chose to have Ash take care of Cosmog, or Nebby, rather than Lillie. This alteration allowed Ash to bond with the Legendary Pokemon. Ash was by its side every step of the way as it grew, evolving into the psychic and steel-type Solgaleo.


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With the nurturing it had received and its new power, Nebby defeated the Legendary Necrozma and helped bring peace to Alola once more. Ash’s kind heart and attention helped Nebby reach its true potential, which wouldn’t be forgotten, even after they said goodbye.

2 Mewtwo & Mew

When Ash gave up Everything For Pokemon

Ash has always been reckless, especially when it comes to saving Pokemon. No moment better displays this trait than his encounter with Mewtwo and Mew during the first Pokemon movie. Forced to watch as Pokemon, both natural and cloned, tore each other apart, Ash couldn’t stand it anymore. This came to a head when Mewtwo and Mew prepared to launch their final attacks on each other.

Ash ran between the attacks in a last attempt, leading him to become stone. This selfless act was enough to shift Mewtwo’s worldview, helping it see the value of humans. While Ash nearly dying is a bit of a trope in Pokemon films, this was one of the first, and the scene sells it effectively.

1 Ho-oh

Where It All Began

While Ash has met many legends throughout his journey, few have been as influential as Ho-oh. In many ways, seeing Ho-oh is what began Ash’s journey. While the Pokemon world was always exciting to him, beholding this mysterious bird soaring over a rainbow while his Pokedex explained that there were various Pokemon that it didn’t have data on further set the stage for the adventures he’d go.

This moment was so impactful that it was recreated and expanded in Pokemon: I Choose You, a film retelling Ash’s Kanto adventure. Ho-oh and its iconic rainbow were even there to book-end Ash’s journey during the final episodes of Aim to Be A Pokemon Master, cementing its importance.


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