Most Profitable Crops In Spellfield

Spellfield, a new indie farming game, was released earlier this month, and like with all farming games, it takes a while to determine which crops will be the best for your farm and your bank. Thankfully, unlike games like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, the crops are more limited and without any mutations. What you see is pretty much what you get. This may make the game more appealing to fans of farming sim games that find the other options overwhelming.




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While the functionality of the crops is taken into account, this list prioritizes the sale of the crops themselves, rather than what they can be baked or cooked into.

12 Strawberries

Character Holding a Strawberry on the Bridge

Strawberries, unfortunately, are the weakest money-making crop, as you can purchase them for 30 coins and sell them for 60. You can only make fruit platters (50 coins) and strawberry muffins (50 coins) with them, so they are best used as a health and stamina crop.

11 Potatoes, Cucumbers, And Carrots

Character holding a cucumber on a brick patio with a black cat sleeping and an npc painting

You can buy and sell potatoes and cucumbers for 50 and 60 coins, respectively. Carrots can be bought for 10 coins and sold for 20. While this isn’t much of a profit, it isn’t necessary to actually purchase the seeds from Benny at the market.

Free seeds can be found in the dungeon chests, so although you won’t be able to control how many seedlings you get, anything you sell will be pure profit.

Potatoes can only be used to make veggie stew (150 coins), and cucumbers can only be used in making tuna and salmon sushi (200 coins). Carrots can be used in basic salads (50 coins) and carrot cake (100 coins).

10 Tomatoes

Food Selection resting on Basic Salad that shows a carrot and tomato requirement

Tomatoes are probably the cheapest crop in the game, available for purchase at 8 coins. It’s a strictly spring product, so make sure to stock up at the beginning of the game, as you can sell each tomato for 30 coins each.


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It’s pretty useful in cooking as well, as you’ll need it to make a basic salad (50 coins) early in the game, as carrots and tomatoes are the crops you start off with. Once you get garlic, you can also use it to make spaghetti (100 coins).

9 Watermelon

Character standing in field surrounded by watermelon juice

Watermelon is a mid-range crop, with the seeds being sold for 30 coins. Most produce can be sold for double the cost of its seeds, and this is definitely true for watermelon.

However, if you have juicers on your farm, you’ll be able to make watermelon juice, which sells for 80 coins. You’ll be able to make a profit while keeping some juice for yourself to replenish your health and stamina in the dungeons.

8 Grapes

Character standing around barrels of wine in winter

While grape seeds can be purchased for 50 coins, it can only be sold for 60. You’re probably better off making wine with the kegs you can place on your farm. Each bottle can be sold for 110 coins, making it one of the more expensive drinks in the game.

7 Tea Leaves

Character in their home standing in front of tea pots of green tea

Like grapes, tea leaves can’t be sold for much of a profit. You’re purchasing the seeds at 50 coins, and selling the finished product at 60. However, if you craft enough teapots, you can make plenty of green tea to sell for 110 coins.

6 Sugar Cane

Character in winter standing around millstones with sugar

Sugar cane seeds can be bought for 50 coins, but sugar cane stalks can only be sold for 54. It would be worth investing in quite a lot of millstones for your farm, as sugar cane and the other most profitable crops require processing.

Processed sugar cane creates sugar which can be used in baking and can also be sold for 120 coins.

5 Rice And Corn

Character standing on a farm around millstones of corn flour

The two crops tie for third place, as they can be bought and sold for the same price. Their seeds cost 50 coins, and the crops can be sold for 100 each. While that’s a tidy profit, you can get more money and more utility by processing the crops.

Both need a millstone to make their secondary products – rice grains and corn flour. These can be used in cooking and baking, or sold for 120 coins. Cornbread muffins are made using only corn flour, and can be sold for 50 coins.

4 Pumpkins

Character standing among juicers filled with pumpkin juice

Although pumpkin seeds are a fairly expensive crop at 70 coins, it’s certainly worth stocking up on, especially for the following winter where you won’t be able to plant anything outside the greenhouse. Each pumpkin can be sold for 140 coins, making it the highest priced crop.

You can also use the juicer to make pumpkin juice, which you can either use to fuel yourself in the dungeons, or sell for 110 coins. You can also combine them with wheat flour and sugar to make pumpkin pie (120 coins).

3 Wheat

Character standing between kegs of beer on a farm

Wheat is easily the best crop to plant in Spellfield, simply because it is cheap at 20 coins and has the widest range of uses. Like all crops, you can sell it at 40 coins for double its cost.

It’s worth worth farming two separate plots of wheat – one for consumption and one for profit.

If you have a millstone and a keg, you can also make wheat flour and beer. You can bake with the flour, or sell it for 60 coins. Croissants are made with only wheat flour, and are sold for 50 coins. The beer sells for 80 coins.

2 Garlic

Character standing in a field of garlic

Garlic’s usefulness is less in the crop itself, as it doesn’t sell for much more than the others, but more in its secondary uses. You won’t be able to get garlic until the second year’s fall, and it can be purchased from Benny for 50 coins, and the bulbs can be sold back for 60.

Garlic has an important function in the game, as you can’t make veggie stew (150 coins) without it, and you need three to complete the Cooking Bundle. Garlic is also most useful for making garlic bread and spaghetti, which can be sold for 50 and 100 coins, respectively.

1 Golden Carrot

Character Holding Golden Carrot on a farm in autumn

Golden carrots are the rarest crop in Spellfield, and you won’t be able to purchase the seeds anywhere. They can only be found in the dungeons, and occasionally you can find golden carrots themselves as rewards or in the dungeon chests.

Golden carrot seeds can be sold for 300 coins, the crop itself can be sold for 600, and golden carrot cakes can be sold for 400.


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