How To Play Scramblecoin In Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Known for exploring new lands and meeting your favorite Disney characters, Disney Dreamlight Valley is a whimsical game full of adventure and wholesome fun. Now, with the addition of A Rift In Time’s Expansion Pass, you can play an all-new minigame with your favorite villagers.




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Playing a new minigame adds more depth to the overall experience as well as giving you a new way to build friendship with your favorite characters. Now, not only can you give them gifts and chat every day, you can also play a board game to pass the time and get to know them better. Find out which of your villagers is tough to beat!

How To Unlock Scramblecoin

Mickey wants to play Scramblecoin Disney Dreamlight Valley

After reaching Eternity Isle with the Expansion Pass, A Rift In Time, you’ll unlock Scramblecoin. This is through one of Mickey’s quests, A Game of Coins.

He’ll give you everything you need to get started. All you have to do is beat him at his own game at least once to complete the quest. While beating him is not a requirement to play the game, it does feel good to win and complete another quest.

How To Play Scramblecoin

To play, you’ll need five figurines, provided by Mickey. Each one comes with unique traits, such as how they move, where they can enter from, and any other unique skills.

While you can collect as many figures as you’d like, you can only have three on the board at a time.

After you have three, you can press skip to pass over adding or replacing figurines.

To play, you’ll start your turn by placing one figurine and moving them. Then your opponent goes. You’ll repeat this for five turns total, though you can place new figurines on top of old ones to replace them.

The goal is to gather as many coins as you can before the end of turn five. The one with the most coins wins. Silver coins count for one point while gold ones count for three.

While it can be tempting to run after every coin you see, sometimes it’s better to block your opponent from getting more coins.

Implementing a bit of a strategy can bring you to victory.

How To Unlock More Figurines

Choosing your figurines in Scramblecoin Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock more figurines, you’ll need to play more Scramblecoin! Winning awards you with more points, meaning you’ll unlock more pieces faster. You still make progress when you lose, but it’s much less.

New figurines can help you take on your other neighbors in the village, making it easier to win and make more friends. Make sure to play with the other villagers every day to gain as many points as you can.


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