Where To Catch Every Fish In Stardew Valley

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There are tons of fish in Stardew Valley and sometimes, it can be hard to figure out when they are available to catch. There are several fishing spots, and fish can be affected by weather and time of day. If you are struggling to catch every fish, then you have come to the right place.




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In this guide, we are going to go over every fish that you can find in the game. There is a lot of fish spread throughout a few categories, which can be found below. First, let’s take a look at fish that you can catch with your fishing pole around the valley.

Updated December 6, 2023 by Jacqueline Zalace: There are a lot of fish available in Stardew Valley. We’ve updated this guide with improved formatting, helping you find the exact fish that you are looking for. Now, you can complete the Master Angler achievement in no time!

How To Start Fishing

Stardew Valley Secret Woods Fishing Pond

Fish can be caught with your fishing rod from locations around the valley. On Spring 2, you will acquire the bamboo pole from Willy. As you build up your fishing skill, you will also be able to purchase the fiberglass rod that holds bait, and the iridium rod that holds bait and tackle.

A lot of fish are also needed to complete the fishing bundle at the Community Center.

Below, you can find every fish separated by the main location where it can be found at.

Ocean Fish

Stardew Valley Ocean - Willy standing on the ocean dock, with player character approaching from behind.

These fish can be found in the Ocean, which lies to the south of Pelican Town. Once you make it to Ginger Island, you can also find many of these fish there as well.

River Fish

Stardew Valley character fishing by the river

River fish make up a majority of the fish found in the game. Additionally, a lot of river fish are found in other locations. Below, you can find every fish found in the river, as well as some other locations that you can find them at.

Lake Fish

Stardew Valley Mountain Lake - Player in the middle of catching a fish from the mountain lake early in the morning with rain

Many lake fish can also be found in the river, which we went over above. Below, you can find lake fish that aren’t found in the rivers.

Other Fish Locations

Lastly, we have fish that aren’t found in the ocean, lakes, or rivers. Below, you can check out each of these fish and where to find them.

How To Use Crab Pots

player standing on beach pier with a lot of crab pots placed

In addition to using a fishing pole to fish, you can place crab pots. To learn the recipe for a crab pot, you will need to be fishing level three. Once you learn the recipe, you can also buy the pot from Willy’s shop. To craft it, you will need the following materials.

  • 40x Wood
  • 3x Iron Bar
  • 25x Wood
  • 2x Copper Bar

To use a crab pot, place it on the edge of a body of water and add bait. The day after you place the crab pot with bait, a fish will be caught. Bait can be purchased from Willy, crafted from bug meat, or produced from the worm bin.

Crab pots are very passive and don’t take much effort to upkeep, so be sure to have a few crab pots spread throughout your farm and the beach.

Below, you can find all the fish that you can find inside a crab pot.

Fish Type

















Freshwater Lakes and Rivers


Freshwater Lakes and Rivers


Freshwater Lakes and Rivers

Where To Find Legendary Fish

player fishing a glacierfish

Legendary fish are rare fish that can only be caught in one location. In total, there are five legendary fish spread throughout the valley. Additionally, almost all the legendary fish have a required fishing level.

Overall, these fish are difficult to catch. Make sure you have a good rod, along with a lure and bait.

Fish Type




Crimson Fish

East Pier on Beach, across the wooden bridge

Fishing Level 5



North of JojaMart in the center of the wooden bridge

Fishing Level 3



Mountain Lake near the floating log

Fishing Level 10



South of Arrowhead Island in the Cindersap Forest

Fishing Level 6


Mutant Carp

The Sewers


Any Season

Every fish can be found in any weather at any time of day except for the Legend. You can only find this fish during rainy weather.

Legendary Fish For Extended Family Quest

The Extended Family quest is given by Mr. Qi in his Walnut Room. This quest requires you to catch the ‘family member’ of each legendary fish. Completing this quest will reward you with 20 Qi gems, that can be spent in the Walnut Room.

As you can see below, they are found in the same locations as the original legendary fish. It’s important to note that if this quest is not active, you will not be able to find these fish.

Fish Type



Son of Crimsonfish

East Pier on Beach, across the wooden bridge

Fishing Level 5

Ms. Angler

North of JojaMart in the center of the wooden bridge

Fishing Level 3

Legend II

Mountain Lake near floating log

Fishing Level 10

Glacierfish Jr.

South of Arrowhead Island in the Cindersap Forest

Fishing Level 6

Radioactive Carp

The Sewers


These fish are not counted to the achievement for catching every fish in the game.

Night Market Deep Sea Fishing

player fishing in night market submarine for a blobfish

From Winter 15 to 17, the Night Market will take place on the beach. Every day of this event from 5 pm to 11 pm, you will be able to hop aboard the fishing submarine and journey to the bottom of the ocean.

From this submarine, you can catch a few special fish, which are listed below.

Fish Type

Chance to Catch

Midnight Squid




Spook Fish


Additionally, you can also catch the following items that are available in other locations.

  • Sea Cucumber
  • Super Cucumber
  • Octopus
  • Pearl
  • Seaweed


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