The Best Coolmath Games

Coolmath Games is, for many, their first introduction to the world of browser-based gaming. At the same time, this website is all too often the bane of many public school teacher’s computer lab lessons, as the educational-sounding domain name typically dodges the website block list of many administrations and their overworked IT professional.




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Whether you’ve been on Coolmath Games before and you’re chasing some long-forgotten nostalgia, or you’re curious about why this website is so coveted, or in some instances, infamous, you’ve come to the right place. Without further ado, here are the best titles that Coolmath Games has to offer.

10 Ball Surfer 3D

A split image of a black and yellow, grid-patterned, geometric ball and level, and red and black obstacles.

Ball Surfer 3D is a decent alternative to F-Zero racing games. Although you won’t be playing as Captain Falcon or other iconic characters, you will be able to control a ball through various levels that increase both your speed and the overall difficulty as you progress.

The game keeps track of your distance in meters, and lets you customize your ball’s appearance with the collectible, floating crystals you pick up throughout each level. If you’re looking for plain, simple fun that you can instantly jump into, give this game a try.

9 Mr. Mine

A split image of little 2D miners on various levels of a mine, and a selling UI screen with green buttons.

Mr. Mine is a charming, 2D, clicker and incremental game where you dig deeper and deeper and sell the resources you get along the way with the help of: a drill that you can upgrade, miners that you can hire, and clicking on resource nodes that pop up on occasion.

The longer you play, the more quests you’ll complete, the deeper your mine will get, and the more resources you’ll unlock, like copper, gold, silver, platinum, and even rare isotopes, like uranium. Overall, this is a great incremental game that probably won’t give you carpal tunnel.

8 Jacksmith

A split image of a humanoid pig with leather armor and a donkey blacksmith, and a grey metalworking crucible being heated with flames.

Jacksmith has you assume the role of a donkey blacksmith attending to the needs of clients, such as armored, humanoid pigs, by taking their orders and completing a series of blacksmithing-related minigames to create a variety of weapons and gear.

The minigames are fairly creative and surprisingly engaging, allowing you to perfect a variety of skills, such as slowly and carefully pouring molten liquid into a mold, or perfectly hammering the outer edges of a sword, and getting a rhythm for consistently creating high-quality products for your clients.

7 Run 3

A split image of a small, grey alien creature running along dangerous, hole-ridden, 2D pathways in space.

Run 3 lets you play as a curious, grey alien whose method of travel isn’t a high-tech spaceship, but instead, running through hole and hazard-ridden, rotatable corridors and tunnels floating in outer space. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, right?


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In all seriousness, this is plain old, platforming fun, and while it surely doesn’t stand a chance against other games in the genre, like Super Mario Bros. Wonder or Spyro, you might be surprised by how much time can be sunk into Run 3.

6 Clicker Heroes

A split image of a floating sky island with a pool of water and a yellow larva, and a hero purchase and upgrade screen.

Although Clicker Heroes is completely free and available on Steam, there are reasons why you might want to play in a browser, whether it’s for nostalgia, having to use a phone or tablet because you’re not near your PC or laptop, or any other reason.

If you’re a big fan of Cookie Clicker, this game will satisfy your cravings for click-intensive gameplay as you slay a wide variety of monsters and bosses through passive and direct damage upgrades. Do try to give your finger a break occasionally.

5 Tiny Fishing

A split image of a small wooden boat with a fisherman in an orange hoodie, and a 2D, underwater view of a fishing hook and multicolored fish.

Unlike Stardew Valley’s sometimes frustrating fishing mechanics, Tiny Fishing is a relaxing, 2D game centered around catching fish by casting your rod, letting your hook sink a certain distance, and moving the hook around with your mouse to scoop up fish as you’re reeling the line back up.

Each fish caught gives you money based on their value, which can be used on upgrades, such as how many fish can be on your hook at the same time, or how deep your hook sinks, between each cast.

4 World’s Hardest Game

A split image of a simple, 2D, top-down perspective of a red square, multiple blue dots, and a checkered floor.

The World’s Hardest Game is a particularly infamous, 2D browser game carried on from the Flash Player era. Don’t let this game’s simple graphics fool you; under the hood, this game leverages character and entity speeds, hidden hazards, and other elements against you for a truly challenging experience.

Regardless of whether you’re creating a competition between your friends to see who gets that farthest, or playing solo, this game will test your patience, willpower, and mental fortitude in ways you never thought a simple red square ever could.

3 Just One Boss

A split image of an 8-bit, grid-like floor, a blue player character, red tiles and hearts, and a magician boss wearing a black top hat.

Just One Boss places you on an 8-bit, grid-based map controlling a blue character that can only move in one of four directions. Using the arrow keys, you’ll move in real-time to dodge boss attacks and environmental hazards, and stand on special, multi-colored tiles that damage your enemy.


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The boss has multiple stages, each of which ramps up the difficulty and variety of attacks thrown at you. For a browser-based game, Just One Boss offers a rather impressive gameplay loop that encourages you to get as far as possible in each run.

2 Capybara Quest

A split image of a white, pixel art bird holding a baby capybara in its beak, and a 2D, pixelated level with grass, dirt, signs, a ladder, and a capybara.

If you’re a big fan of capybaras, the largest rodent on the planet, Capybara Quest is a cute, 2D, retro-style platformer that takes you on a journey as a mother capybara trying to find and save her kidnapped child.

While you won’t be defeating any enemies or picking up POW blocks, this game, especially in art style and basic movement mechanics, feels quite similar to Super Mario Bros. 2. In any case, you should probably stop reading and save that poor baby capybara before it’s too late.

1 Turning Tower

A split image of largely black and red, 8-bit levels showing an exit door and red collectible stars.

Turning Tower is a pixel art puzzle game where you play as a little wizard character with the ability to rotate the levels you’re in. Using left and right clicks to control the rotation direction, and your keyboard to control your character, you’ll have to figure out how to get all the collectibles and arrive at the exit of each level, unscathed.

With dozens of levels to unlock and attempt, it’s easily possible to get a decent amount of playtime out of this game, which is a testament to just how far browser-based games have come.


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