How To Beat Bernie In Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

The first boss fight in DQM: The Dark Prince is not the toughest, but you’ll want to build a good team to take him down.

There are plenty of hurdles and challenges to overcome as you progress through Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince. Between arena tournaments and big hitters to take down to be able to scout new monsters easily, you really have your work cut out for you.




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Some of these big hitters will take the form of boss fights, and they can be very tricky to take down. The first boss fight in the game is the one against Bernie, who you’ll encounter within the Caverns of Conflagration in the Circle of Temper. He’s a brute of a dragon, so you’ll want some good monsters to take him down.

How To Beat Bernie

Bernie in a cutscene in Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince

Bernie can pack a mean punch and has Fire Breath, which hits the entire team – but that’s basically all he can do. When you get right down to it, the fight against Bernie is a test of how well you’ve been using the monster synthesis systems unlocked after conquering the Maulosseum in the previous circle.

While it’s possible to beat Bernie through raw levels using un-synthesised monsters, things will go a lot easier for you if you use stronger monsters.

If you want a very easy fight, you’ll want to grab the Dragon Slash ability. You have two easy sources of this right now:

  • The Firespirits that live in the Circle of Temper learn it through the Frizz Afficionado Talent.
  • Fusing a monster with the Wax Murderer offered by an NPC in Dragglenook. This is a one-time offer, so either make sure you’re creating a monster with a good Attack stat and you’re inheriting the Spicy Slasher Talent.

Dragon Slash will deal a large amount of damage to Bernie, so order any monsters you have with the skill to use it every turn.

Remember to have a dedicated healer! You can scout Healslimes in the Circle of Temper – they make for very good healers and can pass on the Healer Talent very easily.

Despite being the first proper boss you face, Bernie should be a pushover as long as you’ve been synthesising monsters and making sure you level them up afterward.


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