Royal Winter Star Path Guide For Disney Dreamlight Valley

Earning different rewards to help decorate your village or design your avatar in Disney Dreamlight Valley is exciting, especially when they’re holiday themed. The Royal Winter Star Path combines two wonderful things: Disney Princesses and winter decorations. Not only will your get your village ready for the holidays, but you’ll get to do so with your favorite Princesses.




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Halloween events wouldn’t be complete without a costume.

To earn the rewards, you’ll have to complete different tasks and objectives that will earn tokens you can use. These tokens can be exchanged for different rewards, but don’t wait! Star Paths are only active for a limited time, so hurry to get your favorite items.

How To Unlock The Royal Winter Star Path

Royal Winter Star Path Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Royal Winter Star Path runs from December 5th to January 24th, 2024. You can access it at any time between these dates to work towards new rewards and character skins to make your village more festive as winter sets in and the holidays approach. This start path is Princess-themed and includes classic winter items to decorate your valley.

The initial Star Path is free, though you can purchase the Premium Star Path for additional rewards. You can even purchase a bundle to grant you 100 tokens to get started and redeem rewards right away for a discounted 3,300 Moonstones.

Royal Winter Star Path Rewards

Royal Winter Star Path Rewards Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are six pages of rewards, with a seventh page for more moonstones. You’ll need to redeem three items on each page to unlock the next page.

Some items are locked behind the premium Star Path, which can be purchased for 2,500 Moonstones, though there are rewards you can earn without having to pay for them.

Royal Winter Star Path Duties

Royal Winter Star Path Duties Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are plenty of duties to complete, though not all the instructions are clear. Tokens are required to redeem rewards, and earning them will take a bit of time.

Here, we have a list of some of the duties and what their objectives are so you can earn rewards and enjoy the festivities this season.

Have fun picking out your rewards and designing your village with them!


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