10 Features We’d Like To See In GTA 6


  • GTA 6 should bring back enterable buildings to add more depth and personality to the world.
  • The game should have multiple diverse settings like in GTA San Andreas to create a sense of awe.
  • The protagonists should have more unique character traits that interact with the world, making gameplay more immersive.



What’s that you smell in the air? Is it the smell of Rockstar releasing the first GTA 6 trailer ten years after the release of GTA 5? That’s right, GTA 6 is real, set in the always-unusual Florida and starring the duo of protagonists that have been long-rumored.


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With the game formally announced with in-engine footage, we can finally start making exceedingly reasonable gameplay demands in earnest. Begging for hyperrealism is boring and no longer impressive at this point. Grand Theft Auto is a mash-up of lots of different elements, so we feel that these suggestions could really add some life to the world.

1 Enterable Buildings

Grand Theft Auto 6 Nightclub DJ

This is one the GTA games have gone back and forth on a lot. The PS2-era games had plenty of buildings you could enter, though all separately loaded. GTA 4 went bigger on this, adding lots of seamless buildings dotted across Liberty City. GTA 5, meanwhile, parred this back immensely, with buildings only enterable during specific missions.

Rockstar has always been famed for the city being as much of a character as the people in it, so it only makes sense for them to bring back more seamless interiors throughout the world. It’s all fine and dandy to roam the teeming streets, but a small room can have just as much personality as the main boulevard.

2 Multiple Settings

Grand Theft Auto 6 Sunset Marsh

A big reason players remember GTA San Andreas so much was the sense of scale to the world. Despite the heavy fog obscuring just how small the world actually was, Rockstar still managed to make the world seem so large and diverse, from dense cities to deserts and rolling hills.


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The games since have struggled to match that scale, feeling more like an oversized playground. That works great, but the sense of awe just isn’t there. GTA 6 has already promised a great diversity of locales from the first trailer, and we hope they can make them seem distinct from one another in a way San Andreas did.

3 More Unique Character Traits

Grand Theft Auto 6 Protagonists together in a room in bed

Though other games in the series have featured multiple protagonists, GTA 5 was the first mainline entry to show three alongside each other all at once. This made for some fun context for missions and character moments, but didn’t manifest in much beyond each character’s unique skill, with almost no one but Franklin’s ever used.

With only two protagonists this time around, this opens up the potential for more specific interactions with the world. They shouldn’t just have a unique ability but wholly specific ways they interact with the world. There should be motivation to play as each character because of how the world reacts to them, rather than just more superficial reasons.

4 Deeper Car Customisation

Grand Theft Auto 6 cars with colourful walls around them

With the series being called Grand Theft Auto, cars have always been a highlight. Maybe not as much as the title would imply, but they’re pretty prevalent all the same. Almost every game has allowed you to customize your vehicles, too, with GTA 6 so far seeming to be no different.

The thing is, the degree of car customization has changed a lot between games. In fact, GTA 5 already has quite a bit of car customization, but most of the more in-depth elements are locked behind GTA Online and ludicrous sums of money. At the very least, that degree of control should be brought to the single-player side of GTA 6.

5 A Less Linear Story

Grand Theft Auto 6 many people on the beach

Ever since GTA 4, an issue has started to show with Rockstar’s approach to game design. They create meticulous, reactive worlds with gameplay depth to support them, but all of this is bundled in some of the strictest, most outdated mission conventions possible. Walk into the marker to start the mission, don’t fall behind, do this exactly as you’re told.

The reactive world and the restricted missions conflict with each other. GTA 6 has a great chance for Rockstar to break free of this mold. They already create great gameplay and worlds; they just need to make the missions within them support that rather than oppose it. Plenty of major games have broken conventions since 2013, so there’s no shortage of inspiration.

6 More Small-Scale, Dynamic Heists

Grand Theft Auto 6 protagonists wearing bandanas with guns pointed while entering a shop

With GTA 5, Rockstar went big on money. This is meant in every possible way you could interpret it. GTA 5 is one of the best-selling games ever; the game itself is all about accumulating money; and GTA Online is one of the most profitable cash cows in gaming. Yet for all the heists within the game, you don’t actually get to break free of the script all that much.

Those heists can be bombastic the first time around but quickly lose their magic when you realize the choices you make are pretty negligible. With GTA 6, Rockstar could take the opportunity to make these robberies smaller but more dynamic. Let the world and the gameplay itself do the heavy lifting. Let players create their own stories.

7 Better Gunplay

Grand Theft Auto 6 livestream of people being swatted

Rockstar loves guns. When your games are built as a satire of American society, it’s pretty hard to avoid the absurd prevalence of guns. They’re everywhere, and in almost any game you can just walk into a shop and buy a rocket launcher. Realistic? Not quite. Effective satire? Absolutely.


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The issue though, ironic as it may be, is that those guns just never felt that great. Red Dead Redemption made some strides in adding unique mechanics to the base mechanics of shooting but still didn’t make the act of shooting itself a thrill. It’s definitely an area Rockstar could put some extra time into to really show why Americans love their guns so much.

8 Minigames

Grand Theft Auto 6 nightclub with people dancing

What is life but a series of events broken up by odd little occurrences? Could the act of playing video games themselves not be seen as a minigame in the grander scale of life? Definitely a topic worthy of debate. The point is, we need something to break up the monotony of regular play. Why do you think the Yakuza games are so popular?

Minigames used to be bigger in earlier GTA’s but dwindled as the series went on. Returning to a familiar setting and a familiar style offers the perfect for bringing back another wonderful, forgotten beacon of the past – copious, stupid minigames. Let us fly an RC helicopter whenever we want, Rockstar.

9 An Evolving World

Grand Theft Auto 6 city from above at night surrounded by water

There are two sides to this coin. On one hand, a finely crafted world is itself timeless. The Hyrule of Breath of the Wild and even Rockstar’s own settings are a testament to that. Yet when you reuse an old setting, you can only get so far without changing it dramatically or interacting with it in a whole new way.

If Rockstar wants GTA 6 to have the long cultural impact of GTA 5, a surefire way of doing that is to let players have a fundamental impact on how the world changes. This doesn’t have to be something to the standards of live service games like Fortnite or Destiny, but something smaller scale like Death Stranding. Let players see the world physically change because of their presence in it.

Despite only releasing days ago, the GTA 6 Reveal Trailer has already surpassed the lifetime views of the GTA 5 Reveal Trailer.

10 Mysterious Underground Area

Grand Theft Auto 6 camera footage of an alligator entering a shop

This is one that’s become oddly popular in the last ten years. You make an open-world game, you fill it with wonderful missions, characters, events, and so on. Then, completely hidden from all marketing, you hide a massive underground section of the map. Oddly specific trope forming here. Skyrim had it, Elden Ring, too, and now Tears of the Kindom as well.

GTA 6 should be no different! You may ask yourself, what mysterious underground area could you possibly make to Florida? The sewers would be most logical, but that’s boring. And Florida is far from a boring place. Besides, Rockstar is the studio that gave the Statue of Liberty a literal beating heart; they can put whatever weird stuff under the ground that they want.


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