The Best PC Games You Can Play On Android

Long gone are the days when games like Doddle Jump or Balloon’s Tower Defense represented the pinnacle of the mobile gaming market. With the enormous evolution of technology and hardware for handheld devices, phones have become a viable platform for playing classic video games.




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Android has constructed one of the most comprehensive catalogs of ported video games, from more recent releases to some of the ancestors of the industry. While it remains to be seen if Android or other mobile companies can stand toe-to-toe with PC or home consoles, there are several high-quality games available for Android users to enjoy.

10 Her Story

A Modern Day FMV Masterpiece

Hannah Smith Played By Viva Seifert

Full motion video (FMV) was one of the most financially lucrative and popular gaming techniques during the 90s. While FMV games have become increasingly infrequent in the modern era of gaming, there are still a handful of studios that utilize the method to achieve great results.

2015’s Her Story was developer Sam Barlow’s first release after leaving Climax Studio and arguably his best. Taking full advantage of FMV’s distinctive style of live-action blended with gameplay, Her Story tells a riveting narrative in a captivating manner.

XCOM Soldier Taking Cover From Alien

1994’s XCOM: UFO Defense holds a special place in the hearts of gamers for two reasons: its status as a cult classic and how it encouraged developer Firaxis Games to reimagine the 1960s alien invasion-inspired narrative with a turn-based twist.

2012’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown might not be as deep or fleshed out as its successor, XCOM 2, but it remains a superbly well-made tactical shooter. Between the charming visuals, first-rate squad mechanics, and unique enemy design, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a sci-fi video game gem.

8 DOOM 2

The Founding Father Of First-Person Shooters

Doomguy Firing Machine Gun At Demon

One can not have a conversation about the most influential video games of all time without talking about the original DOOM. Developed by id Software in 1993, DOOM is regarded as the granddaddy of first-person shooters, along with 1994’s aptly titled DOOM II.


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Although both DOOM and DOOM II remain exceptional first-person shooters despite their senior age, the follow-up entry is the superior game. Whilst it might seem old hat compared to DOOM: Eternal, this quintessential genre classic is chock full of thrilling demon-slaying gameplay.

7 Dragon’s Lair

A Charming Medieval Fantasy Adventure

Skulls and Giant Skeleton Hand Reaching

Gamers everywhere know of quick time events; it’s one of the industry’s most eminent practices. Everything from prominent franchises to indie darlings has utilized the mechanic to varying degrees of success. But there can only be one originator of QTEs.

1983’s Dragon’s Lair is considered the first game to feature QTEs. It’s also one of the foremost video games launched on Laserdisc. While Dragon’s Lair is hardly a masterwork, it’s a piece of gaming history and features Disney-styled visuals courtesy of ex-Disney animator Don Bluth.

6 Hotline Miami 2

An Exhilarating Blood-Coated Synthwave Masterwork

Image of Hotline Miami 2 Gameplay

There are a few things better than an awesome soundtrack. Many video games spring to mind when pondering about the best musical collections in gaming. What’s even better than amazing music is when it is the perfect companion to the gameplay; that’s where Hotline Miami 2 shines.

Hotline Miami 2 is an energized compound of sensational music and fast-paced twin-stick gunplay. With each moment of unrelentingly violent combat, your ears are blasted with some of the best synth-wave/electronic beats found across all entertainment media.

5 Tales From The Borderlands

One Of The Best Point-and-Click Games Ever Produced

Image of Rhys, Fiona, and Handsome Jack in Tales From The Borderlands

For years, Telltale Games were masters of marvelous character development and magnificent storytelling. As such, there are many differing opinions about which of their games should be considered the cream of the crop among their many critically lauded releases.


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Regarding Telltale’s magnum opus, Tales from the Borderlands has a strong case for that fabled crown. Arguably, their most underrated video game as well, Tales from the Borderlands, is a masterfully written adventure with boundless charisma and rich characters set in Gearbox’s manically psychotic world.

4 Grand Theft Auto Vice City

One Of Rockstar’s Iconic Classic Titles

Tommy Vercetti Holding a Magnum Revolver

It’s challenging to think of a more popular video game IP than Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series. Even as Grand Theft Auto V vacuums up millions of dollars annually, even years after its launch, fans still fondly remember the earlier entries in the series.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City might not be the consensus best GTA game, but it has a sound argument for it. Starring Oscar-nominated actor Ray Liotta as rising mobster Tommy Vercetti, Vice City features an exciting narrative and outstanding open-world design.

3 Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition

A Captivating And Phenomenal Dungeon & Dragons-Based RPG

Standing in Mysterious Oasis in Baldur's Gate II

Larian Studio’s Baldur’s Gate 3 was a gigantic critical and commercial triumph. For how much praise and applause the 2023 RPG has gotten, it’s easy to overlook that the previous two entries in the series developed by Bioware are also excellent games.

Baldur’s Gate 2 shows its age from a graphical and presentation standpoint. Yet, its characters, writing, narrative design, and voice acting still rank firmly in the top echelon of the role-playing genre. Challenging and endlessly engaging, Baldur’s Gate 2 is a fantasy delight.

2 Max Payne

A Masterclass In Third-Person Action Gunplay

Max Payne Firing Duel Submachine Guns in First Game

The Max Payne series is defined by the lengthy void between the second and third entry. Moreover, Max Payne 3 received universal praise for its outstanding gunplay and emotionally powerful story, further pushing the previous two games out of the spotlight.


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The first entry in the Max Payne series holds up exceptionally well in most aspects. Boasting a bleak noir story, rousing gameplay, and a brilliant lead performance from James McCaffrey in the titular role, Max Payne is a great shooter well worth your time.

1 Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic I And II

The Mangum Opus Of Star Wars Video Games

Image of Darth Malak and Revan Holding Red Lightsabers

In the conversation of the greatest Star Wars video games, you’ll find both Knights of the Old Republic titles firmly in the mix. However, determining which of these two games is better is a far more complicated and controversial debate.

The first game, developed by Bioware, is more of your standard albeit superbly told Star Wars tale, while the second entry, helmed by Obsidian, is more subversive and darker. Ultimately, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 are both video game masterpieces.


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