PlayStation Portal Is Back In Stock At Best Buy

Another chance to grab a PlayStation Portal at Best Buy right now, but you’ll need to be quick.

It seems everyone who labeled the PlayStation Portal little more than a DualSense split in two and then crudely stuck to a small screen using Link’s ultrahand also actually wanted one of PlayStation’s Remote Players. Not only did pre-orders for the Portal dry up almost instantly after they went live, but the handheld device has been pretty much impossible to find since it was officially released.



We’ve been trying to keep track of Portal stock whenever and wherever it pops up, and if you’re seeing this soon enough after it was published aafter trawling the web for one, you’re in luck. The Portal is currently back in stock at Best Buy. All you need to do is click the link in the box below and hopefully, provided you’re not too late, it’ll be in stock and you’ll be able to add the device to your cart and checkout.


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Don’t lose all hope if you find the Portal out of stock after clicking the link below. There’s a chance Best Buy is adding the stock in batches to prevent the site from being overwhelmed and crashing, so keep checking back.

PlayStation Portal-1

PlayStation Portal

The PlayStation Portal is a handheld companion to Sony’s PlayStation 5 console. Based around the features of a DualSense controller and Remote Play, it features an eight-inch LCD screen at 1080p resolution capable of 60fps, a headphone jack for wired audio.

The Portal has likely been restocked at Best Buy today to coincide with the release of PlayStation’s Pulse Explore Earbuds. Also in high demand since pre-orders opened, the earbuds that instantly pair with your Portal and are compatible with your PS5 remain hard to find now their release day is officially here. Somewhat surprising to some since it’ll cost you just as much again to get the earbuds if you want to use them with your Portal, also priced at $199.99.

An accessory-heavy holiday season for PlayStation, releasing the Portal and its Pulse Earbuds less than a month apart. There’s also the new, slimmer model of PS5, although the updated console doesn’t seem to be nearly as hard to find as the accessories designed to go with it. There will also be a new Pulse Elite Headset launching in 2024, but pre-orders for it are open now if you want to try and make sure you get a pair.


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