The Most Difficult Bosses In Hellboy: Web Of Wyrd

Hellboy: Web of Wyrd tasks the titular half-demon with embarking on a harrowing adventure into the Wyrd. This strange dimension inspired by tales of fantasy and wonder is divided into separate zones, each one concluding with an adrenaline-pumping bout against a themed boss.




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Whether it’s skeleton kings or deadly feats of machinery, Hellboy has his work cut out for him upon reaching the end of each section of the Wyrd. Still, even among these champions of lore, some are more dangerous than others.

6 The Faithless King

Royalty No More

hellboy fighting faithless king

Fittingly, the boss of the first stage is also the weakest. Even though he talks a big game, the Faithless King’s ego can easily become his downfall. Taunting after he lands a blow will leave him open to counterattack, which can be a great opportunity to build up that stun meter. On top of that, his emphasis on close-range assault leaves him vulnerable to a flurry of punches from Hellboy’s signature right hand.

In his second phase, he does get tougher, but his new shoulder charge attack (while deadly if it goes through) can be turned against him. The pillars that adorn his arena will topple if he attacks into them, dealing plenty of damage while also giving Hellboy some heavy stones to toss his way.

5 Tsar Vodyanik

Champion Of The Abyss

Hellboy starting down the Tsar

Looking like a mixture of sharpened coral, fractured ship parts, and deep sea horrors, the Tsar is an intimidating opponent even by the standards of Web of Wyrd’s existing roster. And just like his appearance would indicate, his pool of abilities is a mixture of several talents shown by enemies fought previously in the stage. Blocking attacks, digging under the surface, and launching projectiles, the Tsar can engage in a varied assault.


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Like most opponents, keeping him close allows for the most options in dealing with his attacks, something that he occasionally helps with by hiding underground before rising behind Hellboy. Perhaps intended to be an avenue for a surprise attack, the Tsar’s massive size leaves little room for stealth, giving Hellboy plenty of time to turn around and react accordingly to the sea creature well within punching range.

4 Odiana

Beauty And Beast

Odiana getting shot by Hellboy

Though she’s described as a beauty by the spirits that occasionally aid Hellboy on his strange quest, there is little pretty about the brutality that Odiana utilizes in her combat style. Her combos are not interrupted by taunts, allowing her to sustain a much more aggressive attack pattern. It’s also not wise to try and secure too much distance, since Odiana wields a powerful leaping attack with the intention of driving her spear through Hellboy.

Combating her graceful attacks is best done with the use of Hellboy’s defensive toolkit. Namely, observing Odiana’s windups so that a correctly timed dodge can lead to a devastating counterstrike. But be warned not to grow too comfortable up close, since Odiana is also in possession of a powerful explosive attack that pushes Hellboy away while dealing considerable damage. The best way to avoid her combustion attack is with a few well-placed shots from one of Hellboy’s many siderarms.

3 Robotron

Horrors Of Steel And Gunpowder

hellboy fights robotron with cannon

Hellboy: Web of Wyrd’s only mini boss, the robotron is anything but small. A hulking creation of iron adorned with the heads of Nazis, this machine comes in a few different forms, but all of them are deadly. Some can block damage with heavy shields, while others are equipped with massive cannons. What they share most in common is just how threatening they are.


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Ironically, though, it is their frequency in the latter half of the game that makes them easier to face. Unlike the other fights that require you to play through a stage again in its entirety to face the boss anew, Hellboy battles these malicious machines enough times to give you a solid idea of how best to combat them.

2 Erebus

Keeper Of The Crypts

Hellboy prepares for punch from bat

Found in the fourth stage of the Wyrd, Erebus stands as an homage to the more animalistic rendition of a vampire, with attacks that match her primal look. Dealing powerful unblockable attacks, each one of her wild swings is enough to knock Hellboy off his feet even with his guard held high.

Being in close proximity to her for long can prove fatal thanks to her devastating explosion, which doesn’t just deal damage but also clouds the arena in a thick veil of darkness, making it impossible to read her next attack. One of the few saving graces when it comes to her attacks is that they often leave room in between, encouraging an aggressive combat style that makes use of these lapses in fury whenever possible.

1 Werner

The Final Evil

Werner and Hellboy trade blows

The head of the Nazi troops that are corrupting the Wyrd, Werner is not prepared to go down lightly. Equipped in a suit similar to that of the Robotron, the Nazi commander utilizes the greatest strengths of all of his soldiers. Ranged attacks that explode in a large area, punches that cover the length of the arena, and fast unblockables that must be dodged are just some of the moves kept in his arsenal.

Werner is the final test of the skills and abilities acquired by Hellboy throughout his many dives into the Wyrd. And though he is a worthy final adversary, the blessings and upgrades acquired on the way to this point should do well to help even the odds against this ironclad foe.


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